SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MightyRecruiter, a cutting edge, intuitive recruiting solution today announced the release of its new Chrome extension, MightySourcer, a tool designed to make it quick and easy to find candidate contact information and reach out to top talent.

Now available on the Chrome Web Store, MightySourcer enables recruiters and hiring leaders to connect with hard-to-reach passive candidates in a near full-employment economy marked by lower application rates and fewer qualified applicants.

 “Our extension provides information about hundreds of millions of users across a variety of channels, including email address, phone number, and social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn,” said MightyRecruiter Product Manager Ann Barzman. "In a tight job market where fewer people are actively looking for work and employers are struggling to fill certain roles, having the ability to reach more qualified candidates quickly is critical to successful recruiting. MightySourcer can make that task substantially easier.”

Using the extension is simple: users simply identify an attractive candidate on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or GitHub, and MightySourcer will provide their appended data such as contact info, skills, work experience, education – all without a time-consuming search.

MightySourcer is the only Chrome extension that gives users the power to immediately invite candidates to apply for a particular job through customizable email messages, reducing the time recruiters and hiring managers spend contacting candidates.

Additionally, MightySourcer allows users to share interesting profiles with colleagues. With just a click, a PDF of the candidate’s profile will instantly be emailed to a contact, eliminating the hassle of cutting and pasting URLs into emails.

MightySourcer is free and easy to use. With a MightyRecruiter account, users automatically get free searches every month. Those without a MightyRecruiter account can sign up for a MightySourcer free trial to instantly have access to 3 free searches.

The MightyRecruiter MightySourcer Chrome extension is now available for complimentary download from the Chrome Web Store here:

About MightyRecruiter:

MightyRecruiter is a cutting edge, intuitive recruiting solution that helps you recruit better. Post to job boards, source passive candidates, manage applicants and hire the most relevant candidates for your jobs. Because you deserve an affordable ATS that doesn’t compromise on state-of-the art features.

And us? We’re not just any San Francisco tech startup. Our leaders have been creating innovative products for the recruiting industry for the past 20 years. We’ll take care of the technical stuff, so you can focus on what you do best: making great hires.

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