No. 24/2017

                                                                                                                           Copenhagen, 1 September 2017

Major Shareholders Announcement

With reference to Section 29 of the Danish Securities Trading Act (værdipapirhandelsloven) it is hereby announced that FMR LLC has informed Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S (the "Company") that funds administered by companies within FMR LLC on 30 August 2017 control shares in total amounting to less than 5% of the company's share capital, and that FMR LLC exercises less than 5% of the voting rights.
Funds administered by FMR LLC thus control 4,936,600 shares with a nominal value of DKK 1 (aggregate nominal value DKK 4,936,600), corresponding to 4.94% of the total share capital, and on behalf of these funds FMR LLC exercises 4.94% of the voting rights.

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