Raleigh, North Carolina, Sept. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Guess & Co. Corporation a luxury, industrial, health care, and real estate company based in North Carolina announced today that it is pursing hurricane disaster relief contract opportunities. The company's industrial group unit has arranged for a subsidiary to provide products and services to hurricane-ravaged communities throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. The subsidiary is partnering with established firms to address the needs of public and private sector customers looking to rebuild following recent devestation from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria. Preliminary estimates place the damages from the hurricanes at over $190 billion. Guess & Co. Corporation's industrial group will provide cost-effective products and services to help communities recover in a timely manner.

Recovery Solutions Group

Guess & Co. Corporation's subsidiary has created the Recovery Solutions Group. Through its alliances, the group will handle many aspects of recovery projects. The Recovery Solutions Group will provide clean-up, construction, building materials, and many other products and services. Guess & Co. Corporation will also assist governmental bodies in strategic planning, and partner with them to improve infrastructure. The group will provide customizable solutions for corporations that are helping their employees. The company will work with non-profits, insurance companies and others providing funds for the recovery to streamline their efforts to help communities; as the Recovery Solutions Group will enable them to consolidate their contracts and use the group as its primary contractor, resulting in cost savings. Guess & Co. Corporation anticipates most of its work being clean-up and construction. The company's Recovery Solutions Group will handle commercial and residential projects. "Guess & Co. Corporation will be a trusted partner that communities can depend on to help them recover as quickly as possible," the company issued in a statement. The group is being managed by former law enforcement professionals whose experience includes disaster relief and intelligence operations. The company has established a 24 hour telephone switchboard operation to allow customers to reach management around the clock as work gets underway. Managment will closely monitor projects and their teams to ensure that completion is on time and within budget.

About Guess & Co. Corporation

Guess & Co. Corporation is a diversified company with four primary business units which are the luxury group, the industrial group, the health care group and the real estate group. We are based in Raleigh, North Carolina and conduct business in the United States and abroad. Most of our businesses are built organically, and we pursue acquisitions of existing companies that will enhance our operations.


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