PatientKeeper Launches Automated Solution for Reconciling Physician Charges and Clinical Notes

New tool helps provider organizations ensure that all reimbursable professional services are charged, and that all charges have documentation to respond to RAC audits

Waltham, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Waltham, MA, Oct. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PatientKeeper®, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare applications for physicians, today announced PatientKeeper Charge-Note Reconciliation, an automated tool that helps healthcare providers ensure that all reimbursable physician services are charged and that all charges are documented. Benefits to provider organizations include increased revenue from avoiding missed charges, streamlined administrative processes for billers and coders, and a mechanism to identify potentially missing documentation that could put an organization at risk during a RAC audit.

PatientKeeper’s new charge-note reconciliation tool is available immediately in the latest release of PatientKeeper Charge Capture™.

“Notes are the source of truth – for patient care, for care team review, and for billing,” Paul Brient, PatientKeeper’s CEO, said. “PatientKeeper helps physicians ensure that they are billing appropriately by correlating their notes with their charges.  This is particularly important in the inpatient world, where there is no explicit schedule and physicians are pulled in many directions – they do consults, they cover for other physicians on their team – and charges are easily lost or underreported.”

PatientKeeper Charge-Note Reconciliation allows organizations to:

  • Extract clinical notes from many different systems
  • Link the authors of clinical notes to users in PatientKeeper, and provide insight into who saw a specific patient
  • Reconcile charges and notes at the department level or the physician level
  • Apply automated logic to optimize the charge capture process, ensuring that bills include all professional services provided

PatientKeeper Charge Capture software provides an automated billing workflow that easily fits a clinician’s work style. PatientKeeper’s highly configurable system supports workflows in a wide array of care settings and specialties. The software offers flexible access on PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets, and comes with Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) so providers can enter their charges with familiar, clinician-friendly words and phrases rather than obscure billing terminology.

About PatientKeeper
PatientKeeper®, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare applications for physicians. PatientKeeper provides highly intuitive software that streamlines physicians’ workflow to improve productivity and patient care, and is developing an innovation platform to advance the use of computers by physicians and care teams and make them indispensable tools for 21st century clinical care. PatientKeeper’s CPOE, physician documentation, electronic charge capture and other applications run on desktop and laptop computers and popular handheld devices and tablets. PatientKeeper’s software integrates with many existing healthcare information systems to support healthcare providers in adopting technology, meeting MACRA requirements, and transitioning to value-based care. PatientKeeper has more than 60,000 active physician users today. For more information about PatientKeeper, visit or call (781) 373-6100.


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

This is the main PatientKeeper charge-note reconciliation report run for a provider who has access to see their department information.

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