LONGMONT, Colo., Oct. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The upcoming Halloween holiday is a time for trick or treating, revelry and dressing up in costume for children and adults alike. Adults may choose to don elaborate costumes and makeup. Some even decide to change the look of their eyes with the help of Halloween contact lenses.

However, there can be numerous risks associated with these types of lenses. Buying them from a costume shop or other unreliable source brings no guarantee of safety for the individual wearing them. In fact, permanent vision and eye damage can occur.

Fortunately, Longmont Vision Center offers a range of Halloween contact lenses in many looks and effects. From cat eyes to reptilian slit eyes to irises in just about any color that can be imagined, the Longmont optometrist has the ideal set of contact lenses to complement any Halloween costume idea.

Contact lenses are medical devices regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Picking up a pair from a retail outlet without a prescription or as a “cosmetic product” is not only unsafe; it is illegal. These costume contact lenses are often sold online with even more potential risk.

In addition to doubts about the materials used to make the contacts as well as their sterility, one of the biggest issues is fit. Improper fit can cause scratches on the cornea, the clear portion of tissue that protects the iris (colored portion) of the eye. In some cases, an ulcer can develop on the cornea, also known as a corneal infection.

Risk of conjunctivitis (pink eye) and other bacterial infections increases as well, and this can lead to impaired vision. In a worst-case scenario, injuries from unregulated Halloween costume contact lenses can even lead to blindness – and all from just wearing them one time. Even just a few minutes on the eyes can lead to life-changing damage. Some lenses may even be made of toxic materials, chemically-based dyes and even heavy metals like lead and mercury. 

The best way to avoid these issues is by visiting Longmont Vision Center for an eye exam and fitting for Halloween contact lenses. The Longmont optometrist offers a range of colors and styles to help ensure the perfect accent for any Halloween costume or theme.

Dr. Roger Trudell says, “Dr. Kevin Cottrell and I are committed to helping clients to have a safe and festive Halloween experience. Come in for your Halloween contact lens fitting today.”

Longmont Vision Center is located at 412 Main Street, Longmont, Colorado. Those in the area who wish to order Halloween contact lenses or book a general eye exam may do so by calling (303) 651-6700. Additional information about the practice is also available by visiting the Longmont Vision Center website.