SAN FRANCISCO and BOSTON, Oct. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the Annual PRSA Conference, Zignal Labs today announced powerful new C-Suite Reporting and global-roll up capabilities within its Zignal Enterprise Platform. With this expanded functionality, executive leadership can gain a consolidated view of the company’s brand reputation and quickly drill into insights at various levels -- from global issues or initiatives affecting the entire enterprise, to topics of interest unique to an operating group or even a single business unit.

Today, the C-Suite and Board of Directors are entrusted with protecting the company’s brand reputation. Yet, accurately measuring and calibrating a company’s brand can become a complex exercise requiring a consolidated view of data across business units, brands, corporate initiatives, value pillars and other attributes. Zignal Enterprise now simplifies this challenging process through its global roll-up capabilities. By aggregating specific metrics across the enterprise about a company’s brand health, Zignal presents an accurate and complete reporting of reputation and performance.

“Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies are incredibly complex,” said Adam Beaugh, President and Chief Product Officer of Zignal Labs. “Their brands are not affected by social conversations on one single topic -- but by multiple topics from sources that range from influential bloggers to Twitter to traditional news media. Keeping ahead of the curve requires the kind of real-time visibility and analysis that only our Zignal Enterprise platform can provide.”

Leveraging the new C-Suite Reporting capabilities, large enterprises can quickly put must-know information into the hands of important executive stakeholders, ensuring everyone operates from a foundation of shared understanding. For example, brand attributes can be measured by aggregating one or more of the following metrics:

  • Brand performance: How has the company’s brand performed relative to key corporate attributes, such values, vision or business objectives?
  • Sentiment: Are brand conversations trending positive, negative or neutral?
  • Key initiatives: How are the company’s strategic corporate initiatives -- such as sustainability, innovation and diversity -- being discussed and reported in the marketplace?  
  • Corporate coverage: Across all primary media channels, how has news coverage fueled brand impact and reach?
  • Event reporting: For high-impact product launches or other notable events, what is the quality of coverage and social conversations?
  • International or geo-specific activity: How is the company’s brand performing in specific regions or across global business units?
  • Competitive: Relative to similar brand attributes, how is the competition benchmarking?

The new C-Suite Reporting capabilities are included within the Zignal Enterprise Platform. Zignal Enterprise is a modern media and social intelligence platform for communications, marketing and executive teams. Harnessing the power of real-time and predictive analytics, Zignal surfaces insights from news and conversations across the entire media spectrum, allowing teams to make faster decisions with confidence, achieve better outcomes and identify strategic opportunities.                    

Visit Zignal at PRSA 2017 Boston
On October 8-10, Zignal Labs will be demonstrating its real-time and predictive analytics at the 2017 PRSA Conference in Boston. Visit the Zignal team for your personal demo at booth #13.

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