EDISON, N.J., Oct. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On October 11th, John Ballantyne, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) is being honored with the Compadre Award from the Latinas United for Political Empowerment (LUPE) Fund.

The LUPE Fund, Inc. is a 501c3 organization that seeks to educate, empower and engage Latinas to promote leadership and civic engagement.  The organization seeks to increase the number of Latinas in civic leadership locally and statewide and to collaborate with other women’s and children’s organizations on issues of common interest such as health and education in order to advance the Latino community. 

“I am extremely honored to receive the Compadre Award from the Latinas United for Political Empowerment Fund,” said Ballantyne. “I grew up in the City of Paterson and had a diverse group of friends from many walks of life. Many of my friends and neighbors came from countries around the world and it helped to craft me into the person that I am today.”

Under Ballantyne’s leadership, the NRCC has sought to increase the recruitment and retention of people of color and women in the Northeast region.  NRCC was chosen by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners to pilot the Sisters in the Brotherhood program to increase the number of women in the carpenters’ apprenticeship program from two percent of registered apprentices to 10 percent. This program is helping to overcome the stereotype that construction jobs could only be filled by men.

This year, Ballantyne also started the Shades of the Trade Committee to help increase the recruitment and retention of people of color and women in urban cities like Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore and Camden. The committee is made up of people of color who hold leadership roles at NRCC. It is specifically focusing on: developing solutions to overcome the challenges presented by our workforce demographics; engaging in community involvement/coalition building to reach diversification goals; and reshaping our public image to show our commitment to all working people. 

“I’m a strong supporter of progressive rights and standing up for hard working people who are looking to better the lives of themselves and their families,” added Ballantyne. “When it comes down to it, everyone deserves respect, dignity and a chance to make their lives better for themselves, their spouses, their children and their families. Every decision I make as the head of the Carpenters Union is focused on aggressively advocating on behalf of not only our carpenters, but ALL workers.” 

About the NRCC

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) represents nearly 40,000 hardworking men and women in Delaware and New Jersey and portions of Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. NRCC is one of the largest trade unions on the East Coast. The NRCC equips professional men and women carpenters with the skills, training and quality workmanship that are demanded in today's construction industry. For more information on NRCC, please visit our website: www.northeastcarpenters.org; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NortheastRegionalCouncilofCarpenters; or Twitter: https://twitter.com/nrccarpenters.

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