AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DunAn Microstaq (DMQ) continues to deliver towards their product roadmap of silicon based expansion valves with the release of the VHC-MSEV (Very High Capacity Modular Silicon Expansion Valve). This November, 2017 DMQ will release the VHC-MSEV and USHX (Universal SuperHeat Controller/Sensor) package to the HVAC and refrigeration markets for evaluation testing. This new family of valves expands the cooling capacity range of the MSEV product line to 25 to 50 tons (R-410A). With the success of seeing performance improvements in the 1 to 25 ton range, OEMs should expect to see an exponential effect with the new VHC-MSEV and USHX package.

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Evolving efficiency standards from the DOE and refrigerant regulations from the EPA drive an industry wide need for OEMS to develop more resilient and versatile products. The VHC-MSEV and USHX package provides this resilience with its pre-set library of refrigerants within the USHX controller. In addition, the USHX features remote boot loading capability, making it easy to change and adaptable to new upcoming or application-specific refrigerants.  The VHC-MSEV brings versatility advantages through its spool and cartridge modular design and compatibility with all common refrigerants including A2L refrigerants.  This feature allows it to support various applications at different cooling capacities within a single footprint.

Predecessors of the VHC-MSEV are the MSEV (Modular Silicon Expansion Valve), at 1 to 5 tons and the HC-MSEV (High Capacity Modular Silicon Expansion Valve) at 10 to 25 tons. Both are UL and CUL listed as of July 2017.

Reservations of the VHC-MSEV will be taken for evaluation testing starting in October 2017.  

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