NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Burner Fitness unveiled its mind and body training platform which enables trainers, nutritionists and wellness coaches to provide personalized coaching to thousands of people online. Fitness professionals use Burner to create, sell and deliver structured training programs that help people achieve specific health goals with the support of a coach. The Burner marketplace is home to a growing list of specialized training programs from leading fitness professionals including influencers such as D’Juan Woods, Lita Lewis and celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins.

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Founded by mobile veteran Oke Okaro, Burner empowers professionals to grow their businesses online by providing structured training programs to consumers across the globe. Fitness professionals spend years perfecting their training methods and now, they are able to easily package them into specialized programs that eliminate the need for PDFs, eBooks and video files. Delivered through the Burner Fitness app and website, users can follow programs comprised of workouts, meal planning, meditations and classes anytime and anywhere starting at $9 per month.

“After putting in hours at the gym and not seeing the results I wanted, I looked to different fitness apps as a resolve. I soon realized that fitness professionals didn’t have an easy and cost effective way to provide professional online training,” says Okaro. “Burner is the ultimate fitness training app. We make it easy for fitness professionals to build and manage a scalable and sustainable online training business with thousands of clients.”

While personal training can cost on average $50 to $500 per hour, Burner provides access to personalized coaching at a price everyone can afford. Users are guided through video demonstrations and audio instructions from coaches and trainers, who in turn are able to provide real-time feedback on their clients’ progress, answer questions and share inspirational messages to keep them on track. Users are also connected to an online community with others on the same program so they are able to encourage and motivate each other towards their goals.

One of Burner’s first programs, Fit for Love, was created by celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins and his wife Nadia Bey in partnership with leading wedding network The Knot. Targeting brides-to-be, Fit for Love helps women reduce stress and get fit before their wedding day through workouts, visualization techniques, meditation and yoga flows.

“With Burner, it’s simplified. I not only have the opportunity to grow my clientele but also provide them with everything they need to be fit and live well in one place,” says Jenkins.

Burner was recently awarded $500,000 from 43North, Buffalo, New York’s startup competition. The company plans to use a portion of the funds to focus on its corporate wellness business. By providing corporations access to its marketplace as a preventative health solution, Burner hopes to offset healthcare costs for their employees.

The Burner marketplace has training programs which span a range of categories from flexibility to weight loss including programs designed for people with specific health conditions like diabetes. Users can expect to see programs added monthly from brands and professionals.  

People can experience Burner by visiting or by downloading the Burner Fitness app on iOS or Android.

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At Burner, we help people achieve their health goals by providing expert coaching at a price anyone can afford. Our coaches and partners use training programs to help people achieve specific results and live a healthy lifestyle everyday. Training programs provide a direct connection to the coach and the workouts, meals, meditations and classes that subscribers need to follow. When you join a program you become part of a community of people working towards similar goals. Burner is not another fitness app. Burner is your personal coach. Find your program at

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