Unique recognition in Latin America includes solutions with added value

Stefanini's cognitive intelligence platform Sophie integrates with CA Technologies' leading market tools

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Oct. 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Stefanini, one of the most important global providers of technology-based business solutions, has been recognized as a technology partner by  CA Technologies, its global partner for almost two decades. The recognition is unique in Latin America and awarded to solutions that, together with the CA products, build technological offerings with added value.  

With the partnership closer than ever, Stefanini will integrate the Sophie cognitive service platform into CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) and CA Automic platforms. The CA SDM platform is designed to help IT service desk analysts better leverage time with a dynamic experience without fear of limited processes and metrics. CA Automic already offers cloud automation capabilities for the entire CA portfolio, extending its reach across diverse markets.

"Sophie's integration with CA's industry-leading tools has enabled us to create a robust and highly efficient solution to transform our customers' experience of use," said Paulo Sgroi, account director, sales partner, CA Technologies.

According to the executive, joint work between companies has reached a level of global collaboration, allowing CA and Stefanini to set long-term goals for a greater integration of their tools. "The easy integration of Sophie with the SDM platform and the ability to automate highly complex processes via Sophie/Autonomic are singled out as key benefits of the project," says Sgroi.

For Alexandre Winetzki, director of research and development at Stefanini, "CA's recognition is a validation of the Sophie platform's ability to compete in the global market by offering technology with transformative potential for our customers, sustained and developed by professionals on three continents who work to make Sophie one of the most competitive cognitive care platforms in the world." Currently, Stefanini counts on clients who have already automated 69% of all open calls in service desk. "Overall, the automation index in our operations is up 25%, expected to reach 40% by 2018. Virtually all of Stefanini's operations already have some kind of automation, and we are working with CA to raise not just the index but the complexity of automated processes," adds Winetzki.


Stefanini's cognitive service platform, named Sophie, is capable of interacting with human users and systems through a growing set of text and voice interfaces. Through artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the solution is specialized in managing service demands on all verticals and is conquering other countries. Currently, there are ongoing projects in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

With the expansion of the projects with the Sophie platform, Stefanini now has a team dedicated to artificial intelligence, centralized in Brazil, but already involves more than 200 professionals in other regions. "Internationalization demonstrates its ability to process increasingly more complex demands and knowledge bases, facilitating the day-to-day work of service professionals and users," explains Alexandre Winetzki.

"Our experience in implementations of cognitive care allows us a unique level of maturity, from the evaluation of processes to be implemented to the support and improvement of the platform for our customers," adds Winetzki.

Visit the company’s website, www.stefanini.com.

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