ST. LOUIS, Oct. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UMG Media Corp. (UMG) has launched the first Android and iOS based application directly targeting the esports live and online event industry. The application, called UMG Gaming, is available in both Android and iOS stores and is ready for the first weekend of the live UMG Esports Bash at the Palms Casino Resort events starting in Las Vegas on October 27 - 28, 2017. Attendees will be able to check-in with the app by walking up to a registration kiosk and printing your wristband from a QR code right on their phone. Those with the app can get live bracket updates to ensure as a player or a fan they never miss out on the action during the event. As well, once registered they will be able to load game title preferences so that they are able to register for the next live UMG event in their area.

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Check out the application and download it here for iOS and in the Google Play store.

“We are continually striving to bring better technology and convenience to our community,” explains Dave Antony, CEO of UMG Media Corp. Antony continues, “When we were thinking about our live events and how we could better streamline the check-in process an application directly on attendee phones made perfect sense. We then started to see that the possibilities were endless, what if we could bring you live up-to-date information on event standings, images, and so much more. We went for it and we are thrilled to bring our tech to market in time for the first Palms event in Vegas this weekend.”

The application is in its first iteration and UMG has some exciting additions down the road. Currently Application Allows:

  • Live Event Registration and Check-in
  • Live Event Updates

Future Application Updates Will Allow:

  • Online Match Reporting
  • Online Match Creation
  • Push Notifications
  • Single Sign In for Website and Application
  • Access to Account Information
  • Live Bracket Updates

Application available now for download in the AppStore and Google Play.
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UMG Media Corp. (“UMG”) is one of the premier esports companies in North America, offering live gaming entertainment events and online play. With offices in St. Louis and Calgary, UMG has hosted live esports events in centers such as Orlando, Nashville, Washington, South Carolina, Niagara Falls, and Dallas. UMG Online has hosted over 13 million online matches, and has over 1.5 million monthly average users.

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