VANCOUVER, Nov. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Etherparty, the easy-to-use smart contracts creation platform, is pleased to announce that it has completed the verification process from its crowdfund campaign.  It has also compensated fuel tokens to 61 contributors affected by the security breach that took place on Oct. 1st, 2017 prior to 10:00 am PDT.

“We are making every effort to ensure that we take care of those who were affected by the security breach,” commented Founder, Lisa Cheng.

The breach which occurred shortly after the launch of the sale, was quickly identified and resolved. The issue affected a minimal number of users due to a security vulnerability that Etherparty has since taken steps to eliminate.

Since the launch of its beta on Oct. 17th, the company has added over 800 beta testers to its platform launching a variety of escrow, token, and crowdfunding contracts on the Ethereum network. Interested users can request an invite to the beta by visiting:

About Etherparty

Etherparty is a contract wizard that removes the complexity of creating, managing, and executing smart contracts on multiple blockchains. The platform allows users with zero knowledge of smart contract programming to create an enforceable, self-executing digital agreement for all types of transactions.

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Please be advised that the purchasing of  FUEL tokens are solely for the purpose of receiving services, participating in the Etherparty Ecosystem, and supporting the development, testing, deployment and operation of the Etherparty Ecosystem. As set forth in the Etherparty Smart Contracts Inc. (Etherparty) Crowdsale Terms and Conditions (the Terms and Conditions.) You have acknowledged to and agreed with Etherparty that you are aware of the commercial risks associated with Etherparty, the purchase of FUEL tokens and the Etherparty Ecosystem, and you have acknowledged to and agreed with Etherparty that you are not purchasing FUEL tokens for any other purposes other than use and consumption on the Etherparty Ecosystem, including, but not limited to, any investment, speculative or financial purpose.