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Nyrstar launches an equity placement of approximately EUR 100 million worth of new shares

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14 November 2017 at 5:45 p.m. CET

Nyrstar NV (the "Company") announces today the launch of an equity offering of approximately EUR 100 million worth of new shares through an accelerated book build offering (the "Placement") conducted under private placement exemptions.

Nyrstar intends to use the net proceeds of the Placement:

  • to fund EUR 30 million of the capital investment announced in August 2017 to restart the Myra Falls mine;
  • to fund the additional EUR 70 million of capital investment announced in February 2017 to complete the Port Pirie Redevelopment, which is now being ramped up and expected to deliver a substantial earnings uplift from 2018 onwards; and
  • to accelerate its strategy to further strengthen and start deleveraging the balance sheet.

Commenting on the Placement, Hilmar Rode, Chief Executive Officer said:

"By providing an immediate capital structure improvement, the Placement enables Nyrstar and its stakeholders to accelerate the delivery of the Company's clear strategic priorities, which are expected to result in a material uplift in earnings and a substantial deleveraging from 2018 onwards."

The issue price per new share and the number of new shares effectively placed will be announced after completion of the Placement, expected before opening of trading on Euronext Brussels on 15 November 2017, subject to acceleration.

If the Placement is not completed before opening of trading on 15 November 2017, trading in Nyrstar shares on Euronext Brussels will be suspended and resume following the publication of the results of the Placement.

J.P. Morgan Securities plc. and KBC Securities NV are acting as Joint Bookrunners in the Placement.

Urion Holdings (Malta) Ltd., a subsidiary of Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd. and shareholder of the Company, is fully supportive of the Placement and intends to, directly or indirectly through one or more of its affiliates, submit an order for an amount of at least EUR 25 million to the Joint Bookrunners. In addition, Hilmar Rode, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, is supporting the Placement and intends to submit an order (through one or more private banks). The Placement is open to institutional investors and such other investors as permitted under applicable private placement exceptions, as aforementioned, and any final allocation to investors, as the case may be, will be made based on customary objective and pre-identified criteria. No guarantee has been given as to the final allocation to Urion Holdings (Malta) Ltd. or any of its affiliates, Mr. Rode, or any private banking entities through which Mr. Rode's order is placed, that any allocation will be made to them or as to the size of any such allocation.

In relation to the Placement, the Company has agreed with the Joint Bookrunners a lock-up undertaking for a period of 180 calendar days, subject to certain exceptions.

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About Nyrstar
Nyrstar is a global multi-metals business, with a market leading position in zinc and lead, and growing positions in other base and precious metals, which are essential resources that are fuelling the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation of our changing world. Nyrstar has mining, smelting and other operations located in Europe, the Americas and Australia and employs approximately 4,300 people. Nyrstar is incorporated in Belgium and has its corporate office in Switzerland. Nyrstar is listed on Euronext Brussels under the symbol NYR. For further information please visit the Nyrstar website:

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J.P. Morgan Securities plc., which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority in the UK, and KBC Securities NV which is authorised by and under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium and under the supervision on investor and consumer protection of the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority, are acting exclusively for the Company and no one else in connection with the Placement.  In connection with such matters, the Joint Bookrunners, their affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents will not regard any other person as their client, nor will they be responsible to any other person for providing the protections afforded to their clients or for providing advice in relation to the Placement or any other matters referred to in this announcement.

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