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Dynamic Attractions Unveils Flightcycle at IAAPA

Originators of the Dynamic Flying Theater innovate a new system

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This morning Dynamic Attractions unveiled its latest innovative attraction, the Dynamic Flightcycle, at the annual convention of amusement park operators, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo (IAAPA), in Orlando, Florida.

In this attraction, passengers sit forward in a motorcycle-like racing position and are surrounded by a massive concave screen. It takes everything that has made the Dynamic Flying Theater so popular to the next level featuring wind, mist, scent, and media perfectly synchronized with the motion to create a thrilling family-level illusion of flight.

“This does what Flying Theaters can’t do,” states Guy Nelson, CEO, Dynamic Attraction. He should know; the Dynamic Flying Theater has been the company’s most popular attraction. Flying Theaters are adventures featuring spectacular, serene views. Flightcycle is more about action that lunges you into a multi-media immersion.

Instead of sitting with their backs against a chair, riders lean into the action, with their torso-forward on a cycle-style ‘flying’ vehicle. “It’s like a motorcycle with wings,” explains Mike Haimson, VP of Technical Development, Dynamic Attractions, and the visionary of the design. “This position changes your perspective both physically and emotionally. The ability to perceive speed and motion are heightened. And you have a fuller perspective of the story unfolding below you. It is a dramatically more powerful, immersive sensation, ideally suited to more intense action media and theming.”

“Flightcycle is ideal for theme parks, amusement parks, and tourist destinations that want a cutting-edge attraction to draw guests,” explains Nelson. “We are also excited that this attraction can fit into many locations because of its flexible size.” The Dynamic Flightcycle comes in sizes ranging from 12-72 guests with ceiling height requirements that are much lower than typical Flying Theaters.

The Dynamic Flightcycle is also available in a complete Attraction Package called “Dragon Rider” that includes screen, projection, media, scenic and preshow elements, all for one price. This attraction tells the epic story of two kingdoms engaged in a battle with each other, and the warriors ride on the backs of dragons. Guests get to join the forces and lay siege to their enemy’s city, flying, soaring, and swooping through the towers and canyons in a medieval, other-world adventure filled with flames and action. Other attraction package storylines are available as well.

At previous IAAPA’s, Dynamic Attractions introduced the SFX Coaster, which is a dark ride roller coaster, and the Dynamic Motion Theater, which is a live-action, multi-media theatre that moves with the action. They have been recognized by IAAPA with ‘Best New Product Concept’ awards in 2015 and 2016.

About Dynamic Attractions                    
50 of the world’s most popular theme park attractions have been designed and built by Dynamic Attractions. In addition to the company’s product line of state-of-the art attractions, it also provides customized attractions design, ‘show’ integration service, and parts/services for rides of all kinds. Dynamic has operations in Orlando, Vancouver, Dallas, Toronto and Shanghai; it is a subsidiary of Empire Industries Ltd. (TSX-V:EIL).

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