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Advantis Corp. Hits Home Run with Oregon Deal

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 14, 2017) - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) made an agreement to provide Amster-Can services to an Oregon manufacturer (recreational processor) last month. The company says it has ramped up to full production immediately upon receipt of the Amster-Can equipment; Amster-Can branded products are now being sold across the entire state of Oregon, through nearly 400 dispensaries. The company also announced that a new client will distribute all Advantis represented products to the Los Angeles area through its delivery service, Canna Delivery.

"Amster-Can revenue is set to skyrocket," Advantis CEO, Darren Cherry stated. "With this agreement in Oregon, a rapidly growing client base in California, and several negotiations under way, Amster-Can has clearly established itself as the quality, trusted brand name that it is." The company is a licensed manufacturer, labeler and co-packer with a mission to deliver the healthiest products to the marketplace. They currently hold a Recreational Processor license through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) (1004467970D). "We have been working a long time to make something happen in Oregon, and I couldn't be more proud of the work our team put in to make this happen," Cherry commented. "We can now serve the entire state of Oregon through a deal that nearly doubled our revenue. I believe in their mission, and am grateful to work with such brilliant minds." Cherry says the company will work with Advantis to make the entire line of Advantis products available across the state of Oregon.

The company's founder is a known marketing expert with executive experience that spans across several Fortune 500 companies. He is known for creating a brand that grew the company by $120 million in just 4 years. Their management team is filled with marketing, branding, and logistics experts that have skillfully grown their company. The cannabis manufacturing/processing side of their business includes cannabis and all of its extracts, including edibles. Cherry is excited that they hit the ground running, as planned. "AmsterCan is their perfect solution. With the strict package and labeling laws in Oregon, this packaging fit perfectly into their company's vision and branding philosophy." Cherry says they were looking for a way to stand out in the marketplace through a more unique branding and packaging strategy. "As soon as they received it (the Amster-Can equipment), it went into full daily production. They plan on canning around the clock as product recognition grows." Cherry says they are currently canning at the rate of several hundred pounds per month, and they see it doubling in the near future. Cherry concluded his comments by mentioning the addition of a new client that will provide the entire lineup of Advantis products, including Amster-Can branded items. Canna Delivery provides delivery services across Los Angeles County, and several Advantis products are already in stock, including Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream and OG Kush Amster-Cans. "Kim Serrano, the owner of Canna Delivery, is a magnificent human being and a shrewd business person. She takes care to ensure all her products are top quality for her customers, and she instinctively knows how the Amster-Can brand will help elevate her business. I can't wait to see her success with our products." Canna Delivery is exclusively accessible through Weedmaps.

Cherry added that he wanted to thank for providing free chart and investor updates on their message board.

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