SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alluxio, formerly Tachyon, developer of the world’s first software system that unifies disparate storage systems at memory speed, today announced that TalkingData, China’s largest data broker covering more than 600 million smart devices on a monthly basis, has chosen the company’s storage layer software to process more than 20 terabytes of data and more than one billion session requests every day.

TalkingData’s products are powered by its massive proprietary data set with more than 120,000 mobile applications and 100,000 app developers who rely on TalkingData’s services. TalkingData serves a wide range of clients in both Internet and traditional industries, including leading enterprises in the financial, real estate, fast-moving consumer goods, retail, travel and government sectors.

“The ability to access, store, and manage data from a wide variety of data sources easily and efficiently is critical to our business,” said Zhitao Yan of TalkingData. “Not only do we gather data from many disparate data sources, but we also use different types of frameworks to process the gathered data. For any given department to perform data analytics or process data stored anywhere across our networks and data centers, they need to first make a request to central IT or the engineering department who determine where the data is located, and then fetch the data from those various data sources into a centralized storage system. This creates a complex environment that our data scientists and analysts need to manage on a daily basis.”

How TalkingData leverages Alluxio to unify data
TalkingData leverages Alluxio as a single platform to manage all the data across disparate data sources on premises and in the cloud. Alluxio removes the complexity of its environment by masking the different data sources and providing a unified interface. Applications simply interact with Alluxio, and Alluxio manages data across different storage systems on the application's behalf. TalkingData deployed Alluxio on hundreds of nodes in production and plans to expand to more use cases, products, and deploy at a larger scale, the company said.

“Alluxio effectively democratizes data for us because it allows our data scientists and analysts in various business units to accomplish their goals without needing to consider where the data is located or having to go to central IT or the engineering team to transfer or prepare the data,” said Yan. “For us, it’s a game changer.”

“Alluxio can meet all TalkingData’s needs since it functions as a single platform that manages data across disparate data sources at memory speeds while providing a flexible deployment model,” said Haoyuan Li, CEO of Alluxio Inc. “Alluxio decouples storage from compute which enables us to scale each resource independently. With Alluxio, customers can work with frameworks and storage systems of their choosing without any of the complexity.”

TalkingData’s goal is to build a smart data marketplace where companies in any industry can purchase the exact type of data they need and get value from the data without having to process it because the data has already been processed and analyzed. Alluxio is a key enabling technology to achieving this goal.

About TalkingData
TalkingData is China's leading mobile data platform. With the coverage of more than 1.8 billion unique smart devices (including smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, wearable devices, etc.) TalkingData offers unique and best-in-class mobile big data services for mobile developers and mobile-first enterprises. To learn more, visit or discover the latest mobile market insights at

About Alluxio
Alluxio is the world's first system that unifies data at memory speed. By allowing applications to access data stored in disparate storage systems at memory speed, Alluxio enables enterprises to manage data efficiently, accelerate business analytics, and ease the adoption of hybrid clouds. Venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Alluxio, Inc. Alluxio was founded out of UC Berkeley AMPLab by the creators of the Alluxio open source project. For more information, contact or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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