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Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear, the Common Claim You’ve Never Heard About

Seattle, Dec. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Athletes and sports fans are familiar with ACL injuries in humans. But do they know that a similar injury occurs frequently in our pets? In dogs, this common orthopedic condition is called a Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) injury and is just as serious for four-legged companions as it is for humans. When this key ligament tears or ruptures, it can leave lasting effects on a dog, and often requires surgery to fix. Medical insurance for dogs is giving more options to pet owners when they face a costly surgery to repair a CCL tear.

CCL tears are one of the most common claims Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, sees for dogs. According to Trupanion claims data, the average cost to repair the ligament is around $3,800, but can easily exceed $5,000 per knee. Pet owners with medical insurance have the ability to focus on their pet’s recovery instead of finances when faced with a sudden large bill. Those who have the insurance when their dog injures their CCL can quickly see the benefits of financial coverage.

Liz F. from Fairfield, Connecticut looked into pet health insurance when she rescued her 90-pound mixed breed dog, Bo. “To ensure Bo would never suffer and always get the best medical care, I immediately made sure he was covered by Trupanion,” she said.

Less than a year later, Bo developed a limp in his hind leg. Liz took him to Fairfield Veterinary Hospital. “Sure enough, Bo had torn his CCL and we scheduled surgery. Knowing that Bo was covered by Trupanion took away all of the financial stress and allowed me to focus 100% on his care and rehabilitation,” Liz said. His treatment was a success and he could return to romps in the snow and swimming in the ocean. The Trupanion plan covered over $2,000 of the veterinary costs along the way.

A rupture can happen in an instant or over a long period of time as the joint degenerates. While it can happen to any dog, overweight dogs, large breeds, and certain breeds like Labrador Retrievers are often affected. If a dog tears one CCL, their risk of injuring the other side increases—which can significantly increase a pet owner’s veterinary costs.

When Paul and Sandy B. adopted two chocolate Labs, Bruno and Bella, they purchased Trupanion policies for both. “Bella could have been a competitor in dock jumping competitions,” recalled Paul. “Her enthusiasm was incredible.” She consequently tore both CCLs and needed a meniscus repair but her Trupanion policy covered over $10,000 of the costs.

“If not for the folks at Trupanion, she may have been left with very limited mobility, which would've been heartbreaking for a dog with her spirit,” said Paul.

When a human tears their ACL, many chose to do everything in their power to get back on their feet. From surgery to rehab to physical therapy, we put time and effort into recovery. Many pet owners are taking a similar route with CCL injuries in their dogs, and medical insurance is helping cover the cost.

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