TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading application performance management (APM) company Shoppimon today launched general availability of its Winter 17 platform, including its new feature Elements that helps eCommerce teams simplify monitoring workflow creation for their sites. The Winter 17 platform is the latest version of Shoppimon’s SaaS solution that monitors the health and performance of retail websites by mimicking the customer shopping experience like a virtual secret shopper. By using Shoppimon’s Winter 17 platform, online retail teams can get the actionable insights they need to deliver a smooth, seamless shopping experience to each customer, and prevent loss of sales due to technical and content issues on eCommerce sites. Unlike other black box monitoring solutions that generate alerts without identifying specific technical issues that cause revenue loss, Shoppimon’s platform zeroes in and identifies any problems that impact a shopper’s experience or ability to make a purchase. The Winter 17 platform offers business teams a clear picture of what has gone wrong and how that stands to impact sales, and provides technical drill downs for IT and development teams, taking them straight to the root cause for an easy fix. By using Shoppimon’s SaaS platform, retailers can expect to see increases of up to 13% in sales.

Introducing Elements: An Easy Way to Create Workflows
A new feature for the Winter 17 platform, called Elements, was created to solve a major pain point for big retail brands. Online retailers need to be able to easily monitor special sales functionalities, discounts and  promotions, as well as website entry points around the clock guaranteeing a smooth customer experience, and in turn, more sales. Tracking these sales functionalities previously required building and scripting monitoring workflows, which is a complex, time consuming task and requires extensive technical knowledge. Elements puts an end to these challenges by allowing all users, whether technical or business oriented, to simply drag and drop steps in real shopping workflows into an order of their choice to create an entirely customized monitoring experience. These building block-like scenarios can then be easily edited, duplicated and used by systems integrators and large brands across multiple online stores, all through the same drag and drop functionality.

Elements provides up to a 90 percent reduction in both the time and resources required to develop and maintain monitoring solutions. Instead of days or weeks of setup time needed from development teams, Elements takes minutes to outline the purchase path through its unique drag and drop interface. Elements can also be easily used by non-technical employees, decreasing resources needed from DevOps teams. Because Shoppimon understands it is monitoring an eCommerce site, and does monitoring from the client side, changes to the website will not break tests and checks.

“Shoppimon is excited to release our Winter 17 platform today, which includes Elements, the feature that so many of our customers have been asking for,” said Roy Rosinnes, CEO and co-founder of Shoppimon. “Now non-technical online retailer employees can easily set up and track seasonal promotions and special sale items without needing assistance and resources from often overtaxed DevOps teams. We expect the Winter 17 platform to be very valuable to brands currently using Shoppimon’s technology to optimize online store revenue.”

"Shoppimon's platform has helped us troubleshoot areas on site in our day-to-day jobs, and alerts us to bigger issues with up-time and customer access to the site, where we would have traditionally relied upon customers calling our contact centre,” said Mhairi Wood, Head of eCommerce for Micro Scooters. “We highly recommend Shoppimon's platform."

Shoppimon Helps Retailers Optimize Sites, Increase Revenue
Shoppimon is shaking up the APM market with its SaaS solution that monitors the health and performance of retail websites by mimicking the shopping experience like a virtual secret shopper. Using semantic extraction & heuristics-based AI, Shoppimon’s technology fully automates setup, integration and ongoing monitoring, by recognizing the key business workflows unique to each eCommerce site. Any issues are then automatically prioritized and escalated in real time, so they can be corrected before real customers ever encounter them, preventing lost sales.

About Shoppimon:
Shoppimon is the only eCommerce performance monitoring company that provides real-time visibility and insight into the health, business workflows and usability of websites. Unlike black box monitoring solutions that generate alerts without identifying specific technical issues causing revenue loss, Shoppimon monitors eCommerce sites by behaving like a 24/7 virtual secret shopper, identifying any problems that impact a shopper’s experience or ability to make a purchase.

With the average eCommerce store losing 13% of annual revenue to hidden site issues, Shoppimon was created to stop that loss--with zero setup, zero integration and zero maintenance. The world's top online brands and systems integrators, like Jack Daniels, Kiss Beauty, Tous and Helly Hansen, rely on Shoppimon to discover and suggest fixes to business-critical issues before actual shoppers ever encounter a problem. Founded in 2014 and backed by Verizon Ventures, StageOne Ventures, and 2B-Angels, Shoppimon is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit

Jessica Jaffe
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