Newly refined family of ebikes includes RadRover Electric Fat Bike, RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike, RadCity Electric Commuter, RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike, Pre-orders Available Today

SEATTLE, Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rad Power Bikes®, a Seattle-based direct-to-consumer electric bike company, today announced their Model Year 2018 electric bike lineup, and includes the all-new RadCity Step-Thru model. The entire 2017 lineup returns for 2018 with model-specific refinements to the RadRover Electric Fat Bike, RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike, RadCity Electric Commuter, RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike. All Rad Power Bike models feature brand new frame designs, color schemes, powerful new battery packs and exciting new accessories. The entire family of 2018 models is currently available for pre-orders on and will be shipped to customers in January 2018.

The RadCity Step-Thru is the first new addition to the Rad Power Bikes lineup since 2016, when the company released their last bike in their original four-model lineup. The bike features all the popular aspects of the original RadCity Electric Commuter Bike, but with a redesigned, low frame for easy mounting and swept-back handlebars for a relaxed, comfortable ride. With the lowest stand-over height at 20-inches, the RadCity Step-Thru answers the demand of those Rad Power Bikes’ customers who are more comfortable mounting a lower model.

All 2018 Models come with frame redesigns which now feature partially integrated downtube for a more streamlined fit with the battery and a lower center of gravity. Additional changes to all models include: Longer range, thanks to a 48-volt 14 ah Lithium battery using Samsung cells, new handlebars with wider hand positioning for comfort with everyday use, 4x brighter headlights providing a safer ride at night, and universal accessory mounts to add front and rear racks and baskets or a Yepp Maxi child’s seat.

“Since our start in 2007 we have delivered tens of thousands of ebikes to our loyal customers, and we’re excited to expand on the features and the construction quality that has made each model so popular. We’ve received a ton of positive customer feedback, and we have also garnered tremendous input for future enhancements,” said Mike Radenbaugh, CEO of Rad Power Bikes. “We’ve analyzed that feedback and used it as critical input to our 2018 model year refresh. We remain totally committed to our customers and our planet with highly sustainable electric bikes that are reliable, affordable and built to withstand just about anything.”

2018 Rad Power Bikes Lineup Pricing, Availability & Specs:

RadCity Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bike
MSRP: $1,499

The brand new RadCity Step-Thru electric commuter bike features all the favorite aspects of the original RadCity Electric Commuter Bike but with a completely new, 20” stand-over height, making it Rad Power Bikes’ most accessible ebike to date. The frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting, making it perfect for riders who may have difficulty with a high-step frame. The RadCity Step-Thru features a powerful 750W motor and large 48V, 14 Ah battery for conquering hills with ease. And with both front and rear rack mounts, riders can pack cargo for an easy ride to work, the grocery store, or their next epic adventure.

RadRover Electric Fat Bike
MSRP: $1,499

The RadRover is the ultimate all-purpose electric bike that still looks like a bike but feels like a jet. Turn heads on your next ride and make running errands your favorite part of the week. Experience the long-range 48V, 14Ah Samsung lithium battery pack with options for full electric assist (5 levels) or manual control, and you'll never look at your commute the same. Get radical, go further and have more fun for under $1,500! New for 2018 RadRover: New and improved battery, new handlebars and stem with wider hand positioning for enhanced everyday comfort, front rack mounts, new color scheme.

RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike
MSRP: $1,499

The RadMini is the first and only electric folding fat bike with front suspension, rear cargo rack and a powerful 750W, 48V power system. Equipped with comfortable but compact 4’’x20” tires, the RadMini can be conveniently folded in order to store and transport the bike more easily. What really makes the RadMini special is its versatility — the ability to take on many tasks you would not expect from a folding bike such as hauls from the grocery store, challenging terrain, and rough roads — all without breaking a sweat (or with one if you’re looking for a workout – just turn off the electric assist!). New for 2018 RadMini: New and improved battery, front suspension fork for added safety and comfort, front rack mounts, new color scheme.

RadCity Electric Commuter Bike – 16”/ 19”
MSRP: $1,499

The RadCity electric commuter bike lets you get around your city like never before! Featuring a powerful 750W motor and large 48V battery with 5-level pedal assist, you'll power over hills with ease, and with the stock rear rack, fenders, and front suspension, you'll do it with style and comfort. The RadCity is available with 16” or 19” frame height to suit a range of riders. Never again arrive to work, a meeting, or class covered in sweat and red in the face. New for 2018 RadCity: New and improved battery, new handlebars and stem with wider hand positioning for added everyday use comfort, front and rear rack mounts, new color scheme.

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike
MSRP: $1,599

The RadWagon is the ultimate electric cargo bike, boasting premium features and a powerful 750W, 48V power system. The RadWagon handles just like a standard sized bike yet can handle big cargo loads, hauls from the grocery store, and your most valuable cargo. What makes the RadWagon special is the size –  not too big, not too small – so you get all the benefit of a cargo bike without the challenges associated with larger and heavier options. Stylish, safe and comfortable the RadWagon lets you leave your car in the garage and get biking! New for 2018 RadWagon: New and improved battery, redesigned aluminum frame (was previously steel), front and rear rack mounts, native accessory support.

All Rad Power Bikes are packed with an LCD screen and USB Charging Port, a twist-grip throttle, and five levels of electric power assist, giving riders the freedom to choose complete electric power, manual pedaling, or anywhere in between.

Rad Power Bikes recently announced market expansion into Canada and 28 Countries in Europe Including Germany, France, Netherlands and The United Kingdom.  For more information about Rad Power Bikes please visit

The idea for Rad Power Bikes was born in rural California in the summer of 2007 when the company launched its first ebike prototypes. Since then, Rad Power Bikes has been at the forefront of electric vehicle technology development launching five unique models and making e-bikes, more than ever, ready for the masses. A group of dedicated e-bike enthusiasts, product designers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for business and technology, all three founders attended Humboldt State University and in 2017 were named to Forbes and Inc’s 30 Under 30 list and the 2017 Entrepreneur 360™ List.

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