LOS ANGELES, Dec. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC:WRFX) and its cybersecurity software subsidiary Paranotek today released year-end Letters to Shareholders discussing the events of 2017 as well as the companies’ plans for 2018.  

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The Future is Bright for WorldFlix and Paranotek

“We are thrilled with how our year has shaped up. This spring we successfully launched our Swanlock child protection app on Google Play, and subsequently rolled our leading edge encrypted security protocol used in Swanlock into its own stand-alone, wholly owned subsidiary company Paranotek.  Since that move, we have attracted the interest of world class cybersecurity talent as well as the interest of global security industry leaders interested in licensing the software. We are currently in works with our first potential security clients and look forward to sharing details with our shareholders in the near future,” stated Brad Listermann, Chairman and CEO of WorldFlix.

“We are pleased with where we are positioned as the year comes to a close and are excited about the prospects for 2018.  Along with my own Letter to Shareholders, Mr. Mick Davis, the CEO of our subsidiary Paranotek, has also issued a Letter to Shareholders with some very exciting updates on his work in Q4.  I highly recommend shareholders take a moment to review both letters to get a more detailed and deeper understanding of our successful events to date and our exciting plans for 2018.”

Highlights from the Letters to Shareholders include:

The Letters to Shareholders are available on the OTC Markets websites at WRFX or the Paranotek and WorldFlix and Facebook pages as well as Twitter pages. To review the letters in their entirety please go directly to WorldFlix Letter to Shareholders which includes the Paranotek Letter to Shareholders.

About WorldFlix, Inc. (www.worldflix.co)

WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC PINK:WRFX) operates in a variety of niche businesses in the technology and entertainment sphere. WorldFlix divisions include AppFarm, a platform for acquiring, developing, and growing niche apps for mobile and tablet devices; Drobbits, an interactive platform that allows users to create, play and monetize their own video games; Paranotek, a Finnish technology and design company that incorporates its military-grade, proprietary security and privacy features when developing software and apps; Swantry, designed to allow parents to ensure their child is safe on their mobile device; and WorldFlix Entertainment Management, a television and movie development and management business. For more information on WorldFlix, Inc., please visit www.worldflix.co.

About Paranotek (www.paranotek.com)

Paranotek is a partnership between WorldFlix, Inc. whose foundation began as a Finnish technology and design company working together with US partners. Paranotek has developed software and apps for everyday life in the public sector, companies, families and private individuals. Paranotek's products range from securing big data storage, virtual private networks, cryptocurrency safety, file sharing and instant messaging services to various enterprise software utilities, all based on our disruptive security technology. While other popular apps, software and services collect your data, Paranotek's unique security technology never collects user data, thus providing an extra layer of enhanced privacy for our users. For more information on Paranotek, please visit www.paranotek.com.

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