Hong Kong, China, Jan. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the DCD Datacenter Week Awards 2017 held in Hong Kong, Huawei won Living at the Edge Award for the success of IT infrastructure modernization of ICBC outlets. This award demonstrates that smart service of edge data center enter into a new stage. In the future, IT infrastructure of finance industry will witness disruptive change. This change demands integrated O&M solution that can centralize the management of massive IT infrastructures.

Mr.Li Junpeng, President of Huawei Network Energy Marketing Operation, said, “Big data, cloud and will be the key drivers of future smart society. Smart DC facility is one of cornerstones for these technologies. Huawei solutions make dump equipment think and speak in “soft” way and help customer obtain all-round “hard” power. Apart from large data center, Huawei also pays attention to small data center. Our multi-layer solution portfolio of data center energy will enable core system and edges to communicate smoothly with each other.”

In the era of digital economy, finance industry will heavily rely on data, which pose great challenges to security and reliability of IT infrastructure. Most outlets’ IT infrastructures occupy large space and operate inefficiently. Non-smart management leads to insufficient resource utilization. In addition, lots of bank outlets locate in the prime area of downtown with high land and rental cost.

To address these challenges, Huawei work with ICBC to modernize its IT infrastructures. Huawei provides ICBC with integrated DC solution that enable infrastructures to be quickly and flexibly deployed. Huawei solution is easy to install and centralize the O&M of entire network as well as satisfy demand of edge data center.

Huawei also provides intelligent DCIM+ system to improve O&M efficiency. Together with iCooling, iPower and iManager technologies, Huawei DCIM+ can thoroughly analyze data like equipment parameter, signal, operating environment and IT load and then dynamically optimize airflow, air temperature, valve status, setting of chilling units and air-conditioners. It provides DC facilities with an optimal parameter portfolio. In addition, Huawei DCIM+ can identify risks early and proactively prevent incident in data center. If any incident, it can quickly locate faults and remind O&M staff to take quick-response. Huawei DCIM+ will greatly reduce the time for troubleshooting and increase O&M efficiency. 

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