Press release
9 January 2018, 17:30

Sdiptech completes acquisition of Aviolinx Communication and Services AB

As of today, Sdiptech completes the acquisition of Aviolinx Communication and Services AB. The agreement to acquire was originally entered into and communicated on 13 December 2017.

Aviolinx is one of three companies in the world providing complete infrastructure and operational control for high-frequency backup communications for air traffic. The company is the only one of its kind in Europe with nearby geographies. Net sales for the 2016 financial year amounted to approximately SEK 18 million and operating income to approximately SEK 4 million.

Sdiptech's total revenue, on an annual basis after the acquisition, amounts to approximately SEK 1,220 million and EBITA on an annual basis to approximately SEK 161 million. For companies that have been under Group ownership for less than a year, the latest annual accounts have been added to the Group's earnings from other companies, based on their outcome in the past four quarters.

Jakob Holm, CEO, Sdiptech, comments:

"Aviolinx is the only player in its niche in Europe. Their offer constitutes critical infrastructure in the aviation industry, creating extremely predictable revenue regardless of economic cycles."

Joakim Andersson, CEO Aviolinx Communication and Services, comments:

"With Sdiptech, we ensure a long-term owner of Aviolinx as well as for the critical services we provide to the aviation fleet. We have long relationships with our customers, and with Sdiptech we see good opportunities to develop our overall offering."

The company is valued at SEK 38 million on acquisition, and the total purchase consideration, including future performance-based additional purchase considerations over four years, will reach a maximum of SEK 40 million, given that growth in the operations remains favourable. The company's historical operating profit includes certain costs not included in the acquisition and the calculated acquisition multiple is in line with Sdiptech's historical average. In connection with today's acquisition, SEK 28.0 million was paid in cash, while the remaining amount will be recognized as a liability in the Group's consolidated accounts.

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