DALLAS, Jan. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Symphony Retail Ai today announced its formation, incorporating Symphony GOLD and Symphony EYC into the new company as divisions. Symphony Retail Ai is a leading global provider of Artificial Intelligence-enabled decision platforms, solutions and insights that drive measurable growth for the world’s leading FMCG retailers and CPG manufacturers. The company will demonstrate these solutions at NRF 2018 Retail’s Big Show, kicking off Sunday in New York City.

Symphony Retail Ai’s Retail Solutions Division, formerly Symphony GOLD, provides software solutions for personalized marketing, merchandising and category management, retail operations, and supply chain planning and replenishment. The Customer Intelligence Division, formerly known as Symphony EYC, focuses on solutions for customer-centric insights, category insights, promotions and personalized, omni-channel customer interaction.

“FMCG retailers and CPG manufacturers face existential threats today from Amazon, Walmart and a host of other competitors; to compete and win, they must immediately embrace new levels of AI-enabled consumer, product and operational insights,” said Dr. Pallab Chatterjee, Chairman and CEO, Symphony Retail Ai. “Symphony Retail Ai is uniquely positioned to help retailers and CPGs transform their businesses with AI-enabled, role-based solutions and customer intelligence that drive validated growth through new business insights and powerful recommendation engines.”

The Innovation Leader in AI for FMCG Retailers and CPG Manufacturers
Symphony Retail Ai is innovating rapidly to drive faster, better decisions for FMCG retailers and CPG manufacturers with AI, machine learning and voice technologies. In October, Symphony Retail Ai introduced CINDE, (Conversational INsights and Decision Engine), the first and only digital analytic assistant specifically for grocery and hard goods retail, after a development process of less than 11 months from initial concept to delivery. CINDE incorporates AI, machine learning, natural language speech technology, and immersive visualization in a prescriptive analytics system that is visually rich and easy to use for category managers.

Symphony Retail Ai is aggressively bringing CINDE skills to other areas across marketing, merchandising and supply chain and will introduce a number of AI-enabled offerings throughout 2018. CINDE sits on top of the data-rich Customer 360AI platform, which provides shopping behavior data on 70 million households with longitudinal, 3-year data on 5 million households and shopping/behavioral attributes for 300,000 customers. Customer 360AI also includes demographic, store, panel and customer location data.

Symphony Retail Ai at a Glance: Serving Leading FMCG Retailers and CPGs Worldwide
With more than 1200 customers across 70 countries, Symphony Retail Ai is using its 25 years of FMCG Retail and CPG leadership to deliver validated revenue growth for its customers, serving 15 of the top 25 global grocery retailers, thousands of retail brands, and hundreds of national and regional chains worldwide.

Highlights include:

  • Symphony Retail Ai processes 600 million transactions and delivers more than 275 million personalized, high-precision targeted offers every month.
  • Symphony Retail Ai has more than 12 years of retail analytics expertise, with a deep understanding of 175 million households worldwide.
  • Each year, more than 50 million store-specific planograms are generated through Symphony Retail Ai solutions that retailers use to manage an estimated 9 billion SKUs across more than 250,000 stores.
  • Every day, Symphony Retail Ai’s supply chain solutions support the dispatch of over 1 million warehouse orders, and the company’s voice-directed warehouse solutions help more than 20,000 operators pick products more efficiently.
  • Symphony Retail Ai’s mobility apps empower store associates and improve the productivity of more than 14,000 stores each day.

Symphony Retail Ai will demonstrate its AI-enabled in Booth #1553 at NRF, Jan. 14-16, at the Javits Center in NYC. For more information or to schedule a meeting, visit nrf.symphonyretailsolutions.com.

About Symphony Retail Ai
Symphony Retail Ai is the leading global provider of Artificial Intelligence-enabled decision platforms, solutions and customer-centric insights that drive validated growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers, from customer intelligence to personalized marketing, and merchandising and category management, to supply chain and retail operations. Symphony Retail Ai is innovating rapidly to drive faster, more profitable decisions through AI, machine learning and voice technologies. We are trusted by over 1200 organizations including 15 of the world’s 25 largest grocery retailers, thousands of retail brands, and hundreds of national and regional chains worldwide to help solve their toughest business problems, through AI-powered customer intelligence and retail solutions. More at www.symphonyretailai.com. Follow us on Twitter: @SymphonyRetail.

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