BASTROP, Texas, Jan. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Making every vote count
Madeline Eden has a plan to restore confidence in American democracy. Having developed blockchain-based technologies for voting, Eden is committed to using that technology to ensure that every vote counts — no recounts, no worries about voter fraud.

Making campaign finance transparent
Eden has also developed distributed ledger technology for campaign finance to ensure that funding is completely transparent. Eden explains that, “By using a blockchain-based accounting system, political contributions can be tracked openly and transparently.”

Guiding smart digital currency policy
As a long time advocate of digital currency, Eden appreciates the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. More than that, Eden understands the technology that powers digital currencies, and comprehends its implication for modern economies. Digital currency is a crucial element in the tech and financial sectors. Eden’s expertise is essential to policy development because few legislators understand the real risks and benefits beyond overblown hype and exaggerated fears. Eden’s pragmatic perspective lends support to practical uses, balanced with sensible approaches that safeguard consumers. Eden believes informed government can take an important role to support usage and acceptance of blockchain technology.

Improving national security against electronic threats
As a security-focused developer, Eden brings to Congress a sophisticated understanding of the electronic threats to our economy, national security, and our way of life. While many in Congress concur that the threats are real, few have the understanding necessary to identify vulnerabilities and secure our nation’s infrastructure.

“Our current congressional representation lacks a fundamental understanding of modern technology, and more importantly the dangers it presents to the core fabric of our society. Their ignorance has broken our country, diminished our electoral process, and ultimately left us more vulnerable than we've ever been at any other time in our history.”

The dearth of meaningful responses to current security threats posed by outside special interests and foreign entities endangers our friends, families, and the fundamental freedoms we hold dear. We live in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, yet even the presidential election can be hacked. We need an election system with verifiable results and accountability. It’s time for an election system that prohibits tampering with even one vote. It’s time for every vote to count. It’s time to elect Madi Eden.

Madeline Eden is seeking a U.S. House seat in Congressional District 10, Texas.

We need your help
Help advance democracy and the future of blockchain technology by donating USD or digital currency to Eden’s campaign:

Twitter: @EdenForCongress
Facebook: @MadelineEdenForCongress
BitCoinTalk: EdenForCongress

Currently Accepting donations by cash, check, credit card, and 25+ types of Cryptocurrency donations towards the U.S. Texas CD10 Congressional campaign. Additional coins are being validated for inclusion in Eden’s Government Donation Platform (currently in beta).

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Madeline Eden for Congress
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