BEIJING, Jan. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, INT, the Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain strength, officially announces that it will land on OKEX, the world's leading digital currency trading platform. It is the fourth platform for INT's launch after Coinegg, Allicin, and CoolBar, and it is also the first time that INT appears in a large digital currency trading platform, which starts INT’s path towards the spotlight in the middle of the stage.

As the widely-watched upstart of the IoT blockchain, INT gives us a big surprise at the beginning of 2018 that on the same day of its launch, INT arouses strong repercussions. After IOTA, I seem to find another IoT thousand bitcoin. For a large number of bitcoin enthusiasts and investors, INT is definitely a don't-miss bitcoin that is suitable for hoarding and long-term holding.

It is well known that the blockchain technology has proved its application value in financial sector, but in fact it has a more suitable area, that is the Internet of Things. Now, the IoT industry is lack of unified standards and efficiency, and is full of security risks. The highly dispersed and decentralized IoT has a strong natural demand for the blockchain.

If you have seen Hollywood blockbusters, such as Iron Man and Mission Impossible, you must be impressed by the future scenes depicted in the movies. With auto-driven cars and smarter home environments, you can enjoy a very convenient service by just issuing an instruction, and it's like you own an extremely considerate life steward.

The interconnectivity of everything will give our lives earth-shaking changes, and this day will be closer and closer with the application of blockchain technology in the Internet of Things.

Defined as a "basic blockchain application platform for IoT ecological evolution", INT intends to internalize the IoT blockchain into the infrastructure like TCP/ IP by decentralized and economically driven ways, which can realize the interconnection among different standards, open up the information islands between the IoT manufacturers and devices, and achieve the unified and cooperative IoT super-ecosystem. In essence, INT can ultimately relay different IoT, forming edge computing network, effectively circulating resources, and accelerating the popularization progress of IoT.

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INT builds framework that enables machines to form a cellular connection network, and uses a type of token to coordinate the exchange of resources between nodes and a heterogeneous link. A node can request other nodes (or links) to provide other possible resources, such as power, network, data, and services, by paying the corresponding tokens. In addition, the user data can be desensitized by zero-knowledge proof, so that the privacy of the user can be protected. INT also can connect devices, by parallel chains, with each other to form a distributed network, and ensure the legal credibility of the inter-device transactions through the consensus algorithm. At the same time, different kinds of devices can access different parallel chains to avoid the explosive growth of the general ledger.

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As an industry-leading IoT blockchain project, INT’s leading position is reflected not only in technology, but also in its underlying rationality. Following the principle of ecological "evolution" and the engineering thinking of technology, and promoting the evolution of IoT ecosystem by economy-driven approach, INT not only gives the solutions of interconnectivity of everything from the bottom layer, but fundamentally ensure the project's extensive participation and the driving force of its landing. In addition, INT can provide escort by its almost top team, so it is definitely one of the most noteworthy blockchain in 2018.

Although the blockchain technology is just emerging and in its stage of exploring, it is definitely difficult to escape the inevitable law of economic development in the future. Like BAT in the Internet era, there will be bound to emerge similar industry oligarchs in the field of IoT blockchain. The author has faith for a long time in INT who calls the slogan of "making it different by interconnecting the world", and also wishes that by overcoming the winds and waves ahead, INT can have a better development and make a name for itself all over the world, wining a place in the world for China in the field of blockchain projects.


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