Getaway Triples Capacity at Boston-Area Outpost With 29 New Cabins

Expansion is result of strong demand for cabins that offer needed respite from daily grind and opportunity to unplug

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

BOSTON, Jan. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Getaway, a company that designs and builds tiny cabins, places them in nature and rents them by the night to people looking to disconnect and recharge, has tripled the capacity of its Boston-area Outpost with the addition of 29 cabins. With 90+ percent occupancy since its launch in 2015, Getaway is expanding to meet the demands from stressed out Bostonians seeking peace and quiet, the ability to reconnect with nature and loved ones, or simply to unplug and detox from the daily deluge of news, emails and social media.

Beginning today, a collection of 43 cabins are available to rent with rates beginning at $100 per night. Guests can choose from a fully-furnished two-person or four-person, pet-friendly cabin equipped with: kitchen supplies, a stove top, mini-fridge, shower, toilet, fire pit and queen bed(s) for a good night’s rest. The 160-square foot modern cabins are built on wheels and sometimes referred to as “tiny houses.”  While the exact location of the Outpost is revealed after booking, it is located less than a two hour drive from Boston (Getaway only reveals the exact location to guests one week before arrival to help guests avoid the stresses of vacation planning.)

The cabins and the entire guest experience in each Outpost have been designed to foster the overall experience of disconnecting and recharging. Instead of giving guests a Wi-Fi password, Getaway gives them a cell phone lockbox, games, classic books, a guide to analog activities (think: knot-tying and stargazing), and fire-building tools complete with S’mores ingredients. By expanding the number of cabins in its Boston Outpost, Getaway hopes to make it even easier for people to make spur-of-the-moment decisions to getaway when they most feel the need.

“We’ve reached a point in which the stress and fatigue that come from our always-on, hyper-connected digital world is reaching epidemic levels,” said Jon Staff, Founder and CEO of Getaway. “Getaway was founded to make it easy and affordable to help people create new habits for emotional health through reconnecting with nature and each other. If the past decade was defined by the desire to be plugged in, the next is going to be about rediscovering the joy of unplugging, and we hope to lead the charge.”

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About Getaway
Getaway is a company dedicated to helping overworked, over-connected and stressed-out people find relaxation, rejuvenation and overall health benefits by reconnecting with nature. Getaway builds Outposts – collections of tiny cabins in the woods within a two-hour drive of major cities, outfits them with the comforts of home, and rents them by the night. Everything about the experience, from the location of the land to the design of the houses, and especially the lack of Wi-Fi, helps guests unplug from the stress of daily life and rejuvenate. Getaway has Outposts outside of Boston, New York and Washington, DC. More information is available at

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