BOCA RATON, FL, Jan. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recall Studios, Inc. (OTCQB: BTOP) develops groundbreaking software and content within the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality space. The company has delivered successful VR experiences for major brands including BMW, Lexis Nexis and Macallan Whiskey.

Recall is an award winning VR technology company. They have been on the vanguard of the modern Virtual Reality revolution since its inception in 2014. 

Recall Studios made a VR companion to the cult classic film Six Degrees of Hell.  Samsung contacted the company to feature it on its Gear VR store. The film became one of the most popular VR experiences on Samsung Gear VR.  They also premiered a VR film at the prestigious TriBeCa Film Festival.

The company developed a VR app for BMW that took over 600 BMW employees on a trip to the future for their annual BMW Next event. Attendees were transported into the world of BMW’s future and experienced a never before seen immersive experience about what is next for one of the world’s most cutting edge brands.

Recall created an app for Macallan’s limited edition Double Cask Whiskey that gave viewers a glimpse not only into the heritage of the brand, but into its future.  People were transported to the Highlands of Scotland and witnessed the entire process of crafting this specialty whiskey as though they were there.  

"We are creating advanced immersive software that will allow everyone, everywhere to be a part of this revolutionary technology. Recall is bringing the future to the people and the people to the future.  With our software, we will change the way people across the world interact with each other," says Bradley Albert, President and Chief Creative Officer of Recall Studios.

Recall has formed a strategic partnership with Coatsink Software to develop AR and VR games that will change the way users interact with immersive gaming.  Coatsink Software is a leading developer of gaming technologies across platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita, PS VR, Gear VR, PC and Oculus Rift, owned by Facebook.  Recall is excited to incorporate technologies from both companies for the next generation of VR/AR entertainment products. This partnership will further advance Recall’s mission to make VR/AR the standard for media consumption for the next generation.

Bradley Albert