TORONTO, Jan. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ACCA’s (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Jo Iwasaki, Head of Corporate Governance, Professional Insights, will speak today at Corporate Culture 2018: From Engagement, to Experience to Execution, a two-day event featuring experts in corporate culture hosted by The Conference Board of Canada.

At the conference, Iwasaki will present “Culture Change By Design: Developing an Action Plan For Leaders.”

“Despite all the recent attention on culture, it can remain a murky concept for many of us,” Iwasaki said. “In large part, cultures are the manifestation of the intended and unintended consequences of policies, processes and procedures - because they affect how we act. This in turn affects the organization’s ability to achieve strategies.”

Leaders may see corporate culture differently—for some it is all about values, for others it is "how we do things around here," while others identify culture with employee engagement. But within all the definitions lies an idea that culture is something fixed once it has organically developed with or without the steer from leadership. Iwasaki argues against this view: a culture is the outcome of conscious effort. She is looking forward to sharing insights gained from ACCA’s research, condensed in a simple interactive tool.

“It is not just about what leaders believe or what it says in the corporate mission statement. It is about what leaders do, and they can really start a positive change,” Iwasaki said.

Iwasaki hopes that ACCA’s Culture-Governance Tool helps leaders review their own organization’s culture, identify pressure points and design points of action. The tool includes examples of the processes and procedures that typically reflect corporate culture, highlighting the importance of alignment between organizational objectives and corporate culture.

As Head of Corporate Governance within the Professional Insights team of ACCA, Iwasaki has published on a wide range of corporate governance topics, including governance principles, board responsibilities and diversity. In addition to corporate governance, she also has extensive experience in auditing and assurance.

You can learn more about the conference at and view ACCA’s Culture-Governance Tool here:

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