People Power Announces Pro Energy 2.0 to Enable Energy Provider Delivery of Intelligent Consumer Smart Home Initiatives

The most advanced AI-enabled energy management solution for scalable market deployments to maximize energy savings, comfort and convenience for consumers

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO and HOUSTON, Feb. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Internet of Things (IoT) software company providing white-label solutions for home security, energy and care services, People Power announces today the company’s Pro Energy 2.0 offering designed to help energy service providers deliver greatly improved demand response (DR) initiatives, energy-centric connected home solutions, and the management of large scale consumer IoT deployments.

Leading the industry in AI development for IoT, People Power has created patent pending, energy-centric services for the smart home that meet the needs of both energy providers and consumers. Each new service is configured with AI-enabled microservices to deliver modular functionality for optimal intelligence and performance. By learning key activities and patterns in the home, configurations of microservices help any service understand when to optimize energy consumption to maximize comfort, convenience and energy savings. A new service can be purchased and added dynamically into a customer’s smart home account. Energy service providers benefit from the flexibility to quickly and easily create microservices that continuously innovate and differentiate.

People Power Pro Energy 2.0 enables sophisticated DR services with customizable microservices to address consumer opportunities at scale. Able to deliver intelligence to an array of devices for targeted energy programs with thermostats, lighting, load controllers, plugs, switches and more, Pro Energy 2.0 makes energy efficiency and IoT initiatives easily managed with People Power’s improved command center, Maestro 2.0. Maestro expands in functionality to enable simple control of AI-based consumer services at the admin level. In addition to the rich feature set of the previous version, Maestro 2.0 also includes a new Demand Response Management System (DRMS). With simplified user engagements in mind, Pro Energy 2.0 delivers new mobile customer dialogue functionality with intelligent SMS conversations for increased program ease-of-use.

Pro Energy 2.0 incorporates three new services important to energy service providers and their customers:

  • Enterprise Program Management Service is responsible for orchestrating multiple synchronized DR events and time-of-use pricing schedules across an aggregated user base. The service acts as a VEN/VTN and understands negotiations in individual households to load-shift energy around a community to broadly balance comfort and energy savings.
  • DR Home Management Service is responsible for implementing DR activities in the individual home and acts as a VEN. It manages all energy assets in the residence, learns comfort preferences, communicates with occupants and negotiates with the utility service for optimal comfort.
  • Enterprise Weather Management Service connects to weather conditions and forecast data to determine when to trigger manual DR events as a VTN. It connects directly to the Maestro command center, allowing administrators to define geocode, temperature, humidity and heat index thresholds that trigger DR events.

An industry first, People Power Pro Energy 2.0 makes available to energy providers a growing lineup of AI-based, energy-centric microservices that deliver modular features for improved energy efficiency and home automation:

  • Leaky Home Microservice intelligently identifies residences that fail to retain desired heating and cooling efficiency and are most likely to benefit from energy audits – addressing an important concern for both energy providers and consumers.
  • Home Lighting Microservice tracks the time of sunset and sunrise, and the user’s utility time-of-use rates to intelligently dim or brighten home lighting. Add a motion sensor and home lighting can be switched off after learned periods of inactivity. Working in the background to deter burglary, this microservice can learn the resident’s movement patterns and automatically mimic them while occupants are away from home.

Also announced with Pro Energy 2.0, People Power introduces Data Cube, a real-time cloud based data service that enables analytics, what-if scenario planning and limitless report creation. With Data Cube, service providers enjoy full access to end-user, opted-in data to assist knowledge discovery not for just a couple of weeks, but forever. Helping service providers and their partners in the creation of machine learning models for greater system intelligence, Data Cube can be injected into IoT programs to improve behaviors of digital microservices.

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