ICC Labs Receives Two Additional Medicinal Cannabis Licenses in Colombia

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA


  • The Ministry of Justice and Law of the Republic of Colombia granted ICC Labs a license for the cultivation of psychoactive (high-THC) cannabis plants.

  • The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Colombia granted ICC Labs a license to manufacture cannabis derivatives for medicinal purposes.

  • ICC Labs has become the first public Canadian company fully licensed for the production and distribution of cannabis in both Latin American countries that allow it.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ICC Labs Inc. (“ICC Labs” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:ICC) is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Justice and Law of the Republic of Colombia has granted ICC Labs’ Colombian subsidiary a license to cultivate psychoactive cannabis plants for medicinal purposes for domestic and international distribution. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Colombia has also granted ICC Labs’ Colombian subsidiary a license to manufacture cannabis derivatives for medicinal purposes. ICC Labs’ Colombian licenses are each valid for a period of five years and are renewable upon request within three months of expiration.

“The Government of Colombia has demonstrated know-how, sophistication and professionalism during the licensing process, and we are looking forward to commencing business in the jurisdiction. We are extremely pleased that we have been successfully licensed in Colombia as our team has been working extremely hard to get through the rigorous regulatory process. We feel very confident about diversifying our operations with this new venture located in a country with 50 million people and favourable geographic and environmental conditions”, commented Alejandro Antalich, Chief Executive Officer of ICC Labs. 

Further, the International Board for the Control of Narcotics recently assigned Colombia a quota equal to 44% of global medicinal cannabis production authorized by the board. The Company will be seeking to take advantage of this situation in order to export cannabis derivatives for medicinal purposes to legal markets throughout the world, such as Canada and Germany.

The Company expects to commence the construction of a 124,000 sq. ft. greenhouse within the next 30 days, where it will grow psychoactive cannabis plants with 20% THC content for medicinal purposes. Upon the completion of its greenhouse, the Company expects to produce between 8,000 kilograms and 12,000 kilograms of dried psychoactive cannabis flowers during its initial year of production, with quantities increasing upon the establishment of its full production cycle. In addition, in accordance with the Company’s previously announced licenses for non-psychoactive cannabis production, the Company expects to commence growing cannabis strains with at least 15% CBD at an outdoor location within Colombia. The Company’s Colombian operations remain subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.

“We are very excited about our growing portfolio of cannabis-related assets in Uruguay and Colombia. Our total outdoor acreage available for CBD-strain production is now 680 acres, while our total greenhouse area for THC-strain production is expected to reach 200,000 sq. ft. In addition, we have an extraction laboratory currently being constructed with state of the art technology and in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) specifications in the free trade zone “Science Park” located in Canelones, Uruguay, with an expected processing throughput of 150,000 kilograms of dried flowers per year. We therefore believe ICC Labs is positioned to become a leader in the fully-integrated cannabis business in Latin America”, concluded Alejandro Antalich, Chief Executive Officer of ICC Labs. 


ICC Labs is a fully licensed producer and distributor of medicinal cannabinoid extracts, recreational cannabis and industrial hemp products in Uruguay and a fully licensed producer of medicinal cannabis in Colombia. The Company has active operations in Uruguay, and is focused on becoming the worldwide leading producer of cannabinoids extracts, giving support and promoting the responsible use for medicinal purposes, backed by scientific research and innovation, while following strict compliance and the highest standards for quality and safety. For more information, please see the Company’s filings on www.sedar.com and www.icclabs.com.

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