TechDemocracy Extends Breakthrough Intellicta Platform to Advance Senior Business Leaders' Capability to Govern Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance

Ediston, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

EDISON, N.J., March 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TechDemocracy today announced a new version of the Intellicta platform that makes it possible for senior, non-technical business decision makers to understand, evaluate and measure in-depth the effectiveness of their existing cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance programs. The latest release also makes it easier to deploy, integrate and manage the breakthrough platform.

TechDemocracy is tackling one of the biggest issues confronting medium and large enterprises, how to measure cyber risk in a standard way. Businesses understand many risks—such as operational, credit market, currency exchange rates, financial and reputational risks—and have developed a standardized way to measure and talk about them. TechDemocracy has developed a framework to achieve that for cyber risk, as well as a platform to manage it.

With Intellicta, a single reporting dashboard enables enterprises to continuously analyze the effectiveness of existing cyber risk and compliance solutions, all in the context of the latest threat intelligence and the current state of their own infrastructure. The result is a consolidated view of the enterprise risk posture, including a quantified risk score and financial exposure.

“We’re uncomplicating the complicated with cyber risk governance for both the senior business decision maker and the IT security staffer end-user,” said Gautam Dev, global managing principal and CRSG founding leader, TechDemocracy, LLC. “The most top-of-mind questions senior staff raise regarding cyber risk now have boardroom-ready answers within one mouse click, and staffers tasked with integrating the solutions the company wants to continually assess don’t need to re-configure any existing IT infrastructure and can host the platform in the cloud of their choosing. This is what industrializing cyber risk management looks like.”

At the heart of the new version is a re-designed, easy-to-use, executive dashboard that provides boardroom-ready perspectives backed by deeper data insights derived from the Intellicta platform. Within the dashboard, senior business decision makers can click board and management question icons ranging from “Are we secure enough for our business?” to “Are we resolving audit issues effectively?” and obtain answers with quantifiable metrics based on established models from Information Security Management Maturity Model (ISM3); National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Special Publication 800-55; and the International Standards Organization (ISO) 27001 – Information Security Management System certification.

“Risk measurement has never been more important, yet more poorly understood,” said Ken Pfeil, chief architect, TechDemocracy and a former CISO. “C-suites and boards of directors want to ascertain their operational and financial exposure to risk but are drowning in metrics that are not properly quantified nor communicated to them in business terms. The Intellicta dashboard addresses that head on.”

In addition to extending the usability to executives and board members, the new release makes it easier to deploy, integrate and manage the platform. The results are more capabilities to aggregate data insights from every part of the business, more effective measurement of how processes and systems are performing, and better tools to pinpoint and investigate anomalies.

These include:

  • Two-click systems integration: Add systems across business functions to be monitored in Intellicta in two clicks
  • Many other enhancements that make Intellicta more manageable, more configurable and easier to integrate with other infrastructure and IT security systems
  • Enhanced support for remote feeds to bring in data from cloud-based and off-premise or third-party systems
  • A Group Health Index that continuously shows how well integrations are performing to ensure Intellicta’s risk scoring and alerts are accurate
  • Extended technology integrations
  • Enhanced cyber risk governance management tools for admins and threat hunters

“We significantly extended the Intellicta platform, adding the most asked for capabilities to address executive C-suite and board usability, while also enhancing integration and deployment,” said Srikiran Patibandla, chief executive officer, TechDemocracy. “We have also in recent months garnered strong industry interest and support for the Alliance for Cyber Risk Governance (ACRG), an industry initiative we sponsored that aims to standardize how organizations talk about and measure cyber risk.”

More information on the ACRG is available at and on the Intellicta platform at

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