GRAPEVINE, Texas, March 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gartner Data & Analytics Summit – Clearstory Data, the company transforming Enterprise-scale Business Analytics, so companies can leverage their data assets for material business impact, today announced new AI-driven ‘Instant Data Discovery’ that discovers intricate patterns across complex blended data, and reveals insights to users instantaneously without needing to first manipulate it into a visualization. The age-old problem of blending and visualizing complex disparate data is two-fold; first, the slow and difficult IT-driven data modeling process delays insights for the business and second, the complexity in the data results in insights being buried or hidden in traditional BI visualizations.  With an average of 7 data sources being blended in Enterprise organizations today, ClearStory’s AI-driven capabilities for Business Analytics significantly speed and uncover more insights from complex data instantly. Further, ClearStory’s AI discovery, ends the deception and distortion effect caused by BI dashboard visualizations that often leads to missed insights and business opportunities.

By using ClearStory’s AI-driven ‘Instant Data Discovery’ coupled with its Intelligent Data Harmonization™, anyone can now blend complex data and instantly spot insights across dozens of data sources and 100s of data dimensions. The capability employs new visual techniques to see information in complex data quickly, without the need to limit insights to rigid visualizations. The application of Artificial Intelligence in Clearstory now helps remove both the pre-biases of IT-driven data modeling and the accidental construction of misleading and deceptive visualizations in BI dashboards, which often result in missed business insights. 

“When it comes to highly complex data from many different sources, the task of modeling data and building visual dashboards has become daunting for even the most data-savvy companies,” said Dr. Timothy Howes, Chief Technology Officer of Clearstory Data. “AI and ClearStory’s application of it to complex Business Analytics, ensures that no critical data or insight is ever lost or left behind as a result of human biases in the data modeling process in the visual dashboard creation process. When it comes to complex data the unintended distortion of a dashboard’s visualizations has misled business audiences and caused slow or inaccurate decision-making.”

Clearstory Data’s AI-driven ‘Instant Data Discovery’ highlights include:

  • An intuitive display of Harmonized data and Instant Data Discovery alongside it, that is fully interactive and reveals insights as users click on any data point in the blended data.

  • The ability to immediately see which data dimensions matter most, across blended data, containing 100s of dimensions, without the need to render the data into several visualizations.

  • The ability for business users to then nimbly navigate through the complex data, without being overwhelmed with complexity or narrowing the audience to a graphical depiction that could be accessing the right data but sending the wrong business message and takeaway. 

As Gartner cites, AI and machine-learning will disrupt business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Referred to as ‘Augmented Analytics’, this next-generation data and analytics paradigm will use AI and machine-learning to automate data preparation, data blending, insight discovery and insight sharing for a broad range of business users and citizen data scientists.  

Today Clearstory showcases a major step forward towards AI-driven Business Analytics. To see Clearstory Data’s ‘Instant Data Discovery’ capability, and its full range of fully automated data prep, data blending and Harmonization, and ML-based auto-discovery of business insights, visit us during the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit at booth 304 or attend the Clearstory Data session at Monday, March 5, 3:00PM CST in room Grapevine D at the Gaylord Texan Convention Center. 

For more information or to request a Trial of Clearstory, visit 

About Clearstory Data

Clearstory Data is transforming Enterprise-scale Business Analytics via machine-learning and AI so companies can empower their business users and business leaders to speed insights and discover more from their disparate data assets for material business impact. Clearstory is uniquely differentiated with modern capabilities across data prep via Data Inference, automated Intelligent Data Harmonization™, Instant Data Discovery, Auto-discovery of Business Insights in Collaborative StoryBoards™. Clearstory Data also is a pioneer in leveraging Apache Spark-based data processing to speed insights from large and complex data sources. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with offices across North America and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, DAG Ventures, Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB).

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