From Your Ring to Your Cake, Wedding Insurance Has Your Big Day Fully Covered

Known for being an insurance innovator, Canada’s Front Row Insurance now offers wedding insurance – which you can get online in about 3 minutes

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- You’re planning a wedding, so you’ve got a lot on your plate. Now, you can check one item off your list in about 3 minutes: wedding insurance to cover everything you might worry about on your big day!

Explains David Hamilton, CEO of Front Row Insurance, “As insurance guys, it’s our job to think about all the things that could go wrong at a wedding so that you don’t have to. What does the happy couple do when the rings get lost or stolen or a vendor doesn’t show? Or a guest breaks a leg and can’t work for a year? Or the venue requires insurance? Transferring your risks to our new Wedding Insurance covers you for just about anything and it’s way more affordable than the other options out there. And, because you can get our wedding insurance online, in 3 minutes, it’s literally instant peace of mind.”

Front Row Insurance brokers are best known as being insurance innovators - so much so that the company has been called a disruptor in the insurance industry. They are the only company that offers eight niche online products, which means they can offer their newest product, Wedding Insurance, for 30-50% less than it traditionally costs to obtain insurance in person with the average broker.

Front Row’s Wedding Insurance is in good company with the 8 other popular offerings they provide, which include Workplace Insurance, Film Production Insurance, Theatre Insurance, Photographers Insurance and Musical Instrument Insurance, to name a few. 

Explains Hamilton: “As the second largest film insurance broker in the world, we’ve become best known over the past 8 years for specializing in film, TV, and theatre insurance. We were inspired to launch our newest product, Wedding Insurance, because it’s a natural extension of our mission to provide coverage for live experiences and events - with a focus on special occasions, arts and culture.”

How it works: 2 steps in 3 minutes:

  • First, click here and complete the form. You’ll instantly receive a quote.
  • Second, pay for your Wedding Insurance. Starting at $105, you will obtain coverage that is 30-50% cheaper than anywhere else with no need to talk to a broker.

You’ll get the certificate you need for your wedding within 10 seconds. No need to meet anyone, scan, fax, or fuss with lots of paperwork. It’s easy on purpose, so you’re free to enjoy the best first day of the rest of your life together.

About Front Row Insurance
Front Row Insurance is an independent, Canadian-owned brokerage, specializing in film & television insurance. The brokerage works with top producers of live action and digital media and has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, New York, LA, Nashville and Paris. Their technical expertise, market leverage and commitment to fair and timely claims settlements have always set them apart from their competitors.

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