NEW YORK, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TrustedHealth, a blockchain-based patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem in specialized medicine, is launching to increase access to condition-specific specialists around the world. The company’s technology has previously seen great success through Trustedoctor as a way for patients to receive second opinions on diagnoses and treatment plans. Now, it’s making a global impact through TrustedHealth’s de-centralized blockchain technology, allowing for transactions and medical record-sharing via bank-level security.

The company recently presented Trustedoctor to the World Health Organization (WHO) at its Geneva headquarters on Feb. 28, 2018 and have since been in discussions about how it could be useful in furthering the WHO’s mission. Trustedoctor and TrustedHealth want to engage other providers to use the platform to become one standardized virtual platform in specialized medicine.

“The way we treat disease is much more specialized than it used to be. For instance, a patient isn’t diagnosed with general brain cancer, but with a specific subset of the disease that requires a specific treatment plan. The issue is that most people aren’t allowed easy access to the doctors specializing in this specific condition, and it’s resulting in climbing misdiagnosis rates,” said Philippe Schucht, chief medical officer of TrustedHealth. “Through TrustedHealth, we’re bringing the world’s expertise onto one network, making it highly accessible and secure.”

Trustedoctor was formed after founder, Greg Jarząbek, lost his mother to pancreatic cancer. He traveled the world to find her the best treatment, realizing the scattered status of the world’s leading doctor specialists. Since launching Trustedoctor, the network has enlisted 80 doctors from 40 hospitals around the world and currently serves more than 250 patients.

Now, the entire health ecosystem is brought together through blockchain technology on TrustedHealth, spanning beyond virtual consultations and second opinions. Through TrustedHealth, the holistic healthcare process is digital and de-centralized, including initial consultation, medical records and insurance, lab orders, treatment assignments, travel options and payment.

TrustedHealth has also enlisted several advisory board members from around the world, spanning across multiple areas of expertise:

  • Japan: Tomoaki Sato, Starbase founder, Blockchain engineer
  • UK: Dr Nicolas Courtois, Senior lecturer of cryptography at University College London; Prof Karol Sikora, Dean at University of Buckingham Medical School
  • USA: Dr. Roger Stupp, Professor of Oncology at Northwestern Medicine; Lex Sokolin, Fintech Entrepreneur & Futurist
  • Switzerland: Frank Bodin, Chairman & CEO of Havas Switzerland
  • Slovenia: Jan Berdajs, Blockchain Association of Slovenia
  • Russia: Catherine Zverkova, ICO Expert, Blockchain believer and Bitcoin enthusiast

The company’s ICO presale begins on March 20 at 12.00 CET (6 a.m. EST), and its crowdsale begins on March 27 (if the hardcap is not reached in the presale); whitelisting is now open. Please visit to sign up.

About TrustedHealth
TrustedHealth is a blockchain-based, patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on life-threatening diseases. Its goal is to source the best methodologies for delivering improved health outcomes for patients, and ensuring that these are accessible to patients all over the world. Previously, the team behind TrustedHealth created Trustedoctor to help patients and their families in their fight against life-threatening diseases using innovative technology. TrustedHealth is bringing this successful technology onto the blockchain to empower patients, help them access expertise from across the globe in a de-centralized system, support the unification of healthcare experiences and support better data security within healthcare.

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Courtney Calderon
Uproar PR for TrustedHealth

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