Atlanta, GA, March 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World Micro, a global distributor of electronic components serving the electronics, commercial, military, medical, industrial, and aerospace markets, announced today that it has signed a franchise distribution agreement with Keko Varicon. The agreement gives World Micro the ability to promote, distribute, and market Keko Varicon's expansive line of varistors, suppression filters, and varicons, which combine the functionality of varistors and capacitors.

“Keko Varicon is happy to announce the distribution agreement with World Micro. This agreement solidifies our presence in the North American market and allows us to enter some specific market segments where World Micro excels,” commented Ivan Gračan, Sales Manager at Keko Varicon.

World Micro’s Director of Supplier Development, Bettina Clark, stated, “This new agreement with Keko Varicon further solidifies World Micro’s commitment to providing our expansive customer base with products from top tier suppliers. Keko Varicon and their products are best in class – which is a great match with our focus on quality and reliability.”

About Keko Varicon:

Keko Varicon is one of the world's leading companies in manufacturing overvoltage protective and EMI suppression components. Keko Varicon’s technological infrastructure allows for flexibility in component design and possibility of fine adjustments to customer requirements. Many of Keko Varicon’s running projects are components custom designed for specific customer needs. Keko Varicon serves customers in the automotive, high energy, industrial, medical, and telecommunications industries. The company’s website is

About World Micro:

World Micro, Inc. is a global, aerospace, military, commercial, and medical electronic component and products distributor focused on quality systems. Since 1994, World Micro has helped its customers solve difficult supply chain issues through innovative research, design, sourcing, stocking, and procurement, inventory, and management solutions. World Micro is privately held with headquarters in Atlanta and has its Asian distribution hub in Penang, Malaysia. The company's website is and can be followed on LinkedIn at

Bettina Clark