Varick Announces Updates to Advanced TV Stack

Empowers Marketers with Easy Transition from Traditional TV to Digital

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, March 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Varick, an audience-centric digital marketing company, announced today additions to its Advanced TV stack. While the number of Pay TV viewers steadily declines, the number of connected TV viewers has been increasing and is expected to reach 194.4 million users this year, according to eMarketer. The growing adoption of users is causing more and more advertisers to embrace the emerging channel in order to reach this new digital audience. Varick empowers marketers to try Advanced TV by tapping into powerful digital data and activating multi-channel campaigns for superior results.

While the term ‘cord-cutters’ has been around for a few years now, there has been a new audience segment on the rise being called ‘cord-nevers.’ What most advertisers aren’t aware of is that Advanced TV provides the opportunity to reach all audience segments regardless of how they are consuming their TV programming. Additionally, with so many options in the TV landscape, Advanced TV can become overwhelming and confusing for those who aren’t familiar with the growing channel. Varick’s deep partnerships across the entire landscape, provides clients with access to all TV sources depending on what makes the most sense for individual brand goals. With a dedicated team of experts monitoring campaigns and making adjustments in real time, Varick makes it easy for brands to succeed in a channel they may otherwise be hesitant to try.

There are many misconceptions around high costs and lack of scale and reach when it comes to Advanced TV. In reality, the return on investment is astronomical. By investing in Advanced TV, brands are investing in high quality, professionally produced segments along with:

  • Incredibly high completion rates and viewability
  • Premium inventory
  • A brand-safe, bot-free environment
  • Data/insights from activations

Varick has driven a handful of brands to try Advanced TV as a way to connect to their digital audience. Most recently, Varick has seen great success with partner, Guidemark Health, by suggesting Connected TV as an extension of an existing online video campaign.

“While there are many Connected TV providers in the market, there are only a handful with the scale and experience to operate a successful enterprise campaign. The Varick team came to us with a very strategic plan and we felt confident incorporating Connected TV into our plan,” explains Jackie Singley at Guidemark Health, “We were very impressed with their ability to navigate a quickly changing space, while also getting us impressive results. With Varick’s guidance, we saw a substantial increase in video completions. Additionally, their targeting strategy gave us much more scale and reach than we had originally anticipated.”

“We’re always excited about partnering with agencies that are eager to try new and emerging channels on behalf of their clients,” explains Kait Boulos, VP Client Strategy & Partnerships at Varick. “With Guidemark Health, the Advanced TV space resulted in a significantly higher completion rate than if the campaign would have just run on desktop and mobile video space. At the end of the day, their decision to embrace a new channel resulted in a valuable experience and we think many more brands can benefit in the same way.”

About Varick
Varick is an audience centric digital marketing company that uses state of the art technology to provide agencies and brands with full funnel, cross-channel strategies to drive brand marketing objectives. Varick, a pioneer in the programmatic space since 2008 was originally founded on New York’s historic Varick Street. Now headquartered in the heart of midtown, Varick continues to bring the fast paced spirit of the digital world to a global audience.


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