SANTA ROSA, Calif., April 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FaceAffinity, the global leader in Face Pattern Analysis, has launched a new study of personality traits and music preferences. This research will build on prior academic and market-based research regarding personality and music preference.  With music streaming representing an estimated $10 billion global market and with over 30 million songs available in digital format, the Company believes artificial intelligence may enhance the ways that artists and music consumers connect.  

To participate, users may click on or request an invitation by emailing

“We believe this study will provide new insights that can lead to better tools for matching musicians and bands with listeners,” said Face Affinity co-founder Wayne Rowlands. “Our technology and algorithms are perfectly suited for new applications that support artificial intelligence and augmented reality to improve quality of life.  Music is such an important part of life, and such a personal experience. We believe this study will help identify better ways to connect people to great music, and especially new music and artists from around the world.”

FaceAffinity has developed the world’s first cloud-based Face Pattern Analysis API.  From a single image – either a “selfie” or an uploaded image - FaceAffinity can instantly discern a range of key personality traits.  FaceAffinity’s study will also include online survey questions regarding participants’ preferences in how they select and listen to music.  The Company selected for the online survey portion of the study.

About FaceAffinity / Sonoma Media Partners, Inc.

Based in Santa Rosa, California, FaceAffinity (wholly-owned by Sonoma Media Partners, Inc.) is focused on developing disruptive face pattern analysis technology for use in marketing, security, staffing, artificial intelligence and other consumer and enterprise applications. In early 2015, the company introduced FaceReflect to demonstrate the power of its API.  The first face pattern analysis app for the web, tablets and smartphones uses proprietary algorithms to instantly identify innate strengths and attributes.

Contact: Wayne Rowlands, President

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