NEW YORK, April 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a move that will help search advertisers centralize performance metrics and coordinate investment strategy, DoubleClick Search integrates adMarketplace as a founding Engine Track partner.   

DoubleClick Search helps advertisers create, manage, and grow their digital marketing campaigns. With Engine Track, advertisers can now view their adMarketplace cost and conversion metrics directly within the DoubleClick Search platform.

The partnership also allows marketers to create DoubleClick clickserver URLs within the adMarketplace platform, which improves workflow and campaign optimizations by providing more accurate conversion data to adMarketplace’s predictive bidding algorithm, BidSmart.

Driven by client demand, DoubleClick Search advertisers now have access to centralized reporting from the most important channels in their Search portfolios.

For participants in the Engine Track beta program, the integration has already delivered performance results across adMarketplace and DoubleClick Search campaigns.

Chris De Souza, Director of Performance for SYZYGY, WPP Digital, says: “We use multiple Search providers to deliver against various KPIs. Each of our channels complements one another, so being able to see everything in one place helps us understand what strategies are having the most impact on our clients’ business.”

adMarketplace CEO, Jamie Hill, says: “Our company has always valued transparency and customer service. This partnership helps our advertisers organize their campaigns and better evaluate our performance against the broader digital marketing ecosystem.”

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