FRISCO, Texas, April 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Music Audience Exchange (MAX) today unveiled its groundbreaking MAX Artist Matching Engine™, the result of a three year project from a team of engineers and data scientists. The Artist Matching Engine™ is powered by a novel data model that uses neural networks to map music tastes onto the demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral attributes of music audiences. Driven by a wealth of first party and aggregated data, this system combines a proprietary genre taxonomy with analysis of streaming, social media and live show data to gain insight into the fan bases of over 1.8 million artists worldwide. Brands are now using these insights to reach millions of music fans through immersive music programs.

Brands have long seen the value of music in helping them create emotional connections with audiences. But in the past, marketers and agencies had to use guesswork when partnering with artists and couldn’t be certain their efforts were paying off. Now, these brands can access an almost limitless amount of unique music audiences through the MAX Artist Matching Engine™. Thanks to its innovative technology they are able to add new layers of data-driven precision and insights to their understanding of what music audiences want to hear and can use that knowledge to create much more effective brand-artist partnerships.

“Today’s marketers not only have to understand their target audiences, but they need to be able to reach them in a personal way. The MAX Artist Matching Engine™ has analyzed and segmented one of the most data-rich cultural identifiers available - music preferences - enabling brands to better understand their target audiences, then reach them through experiences that are welcomed instead of interruptive,” said MAX VP of Product Jeff Rosenfeld. “Artists benefit from insights about their fans as well as access to brands who can provide them with promotional opportunities to help build their careers.”

One of the first brands to use the platform, Ford has a number of dealer groups across the country currently reaching passionate communities of Brantley Gilbert fans around the U.S.

Using proprietary data science that maps specific audience tastes to a database of over 900 genres and 1.8 million artists, the MAX Platform™ is constantly updating to help brands pinpoint and better understand correlations between artists and their fans. From there, MAX builds programs that promote audio, video, social, and live music experiences to fans across all of the places they’re connecting with music on a daily basis.

About Music Audience Exchange (MAX)
Music Audience Exchange (MAX) is shaping the future landscape of music.

Across billions of streams, video views, social shares, and live shows, there are massive, diverse communities of fans forming around more music and more artists than ever before. MAX has built a platform that deeply understands these audiences, and has created a model that gives brands the opportunity to enrich the fan experience.

The MAX Platform™ is built on proprietary data science that maps specific audience attributes to a database of 900+ genres, 1.8 million artists, and a network of channels that reaches 98% of music fans in the places they’re already going to for music.

Fans get more music.
Artists get promotional support.
Brands get deeper connections.

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