LIVONIA, Mich., April 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A123 Systems LLC, a developer and manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries and systems, today announced it was the recipient of the Automotive News PACE Award for Innovative Technology. A123’s 48V UltraPhosphate™ Battery was recognized as an industry leading solution that improves power density for 48V batteries supporting mild hybrid applications.

A123 Systems’ 48V lithium-ion battery is designed for mild hybrid applications which are driven by internal combustion engines fitted with 48V belt starter generators. Vehicles equipped with these components quickly regenerate energy during braking events, improving fuel consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15% over standard vehicles. A123 developed a cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate chemistry, branded UltraPhosphate, that enables high levels of charge acceptance. Individual battery cells containing the UltraPhosphate chemistry are assembled into the 48V battery packs which are designed to increase pack density and lower the thermal resistance. The result is a powerful, compact, and low-profile battery which does not require active battery cooling in many applications.

PACE Awards are given annually to honor superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance among automotive suppliers. For over 20 years, Automotive News has presented the prestigious award to global industry leaders in innovation. “Being on the cutting-edge of technological advances and innovation is a priority for A123,” said Peter Cirino, CEO, “we are extremely excited to be a principal driver enabling the rapid adoption of 48V vehicle systems in China & Europe. As a company, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver world-class products that challenge the future…winning this award is an honor and helps propel us to that next level.”

About A123

A123 Systems is a global leader in providing complete energy storage solutions through advanced battery cells and systems for transportation and industrial applications. Offering a full range of world-class products, A123 delivers superior performance, reliability and cost savings from concept through commercialization.

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