Dublin, Ohio, April 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the weather finally taking a turn for the better, more people find themselves spending time outside after the dreary winter months. While the temperatures are rising, spring also ushers in its own set of weather woes, most notably rain and thunderstorms. Safeware, a leading provider of product protection and extended warranty solutions, showcases the extent that April showers can affect consumer electronics.

A recent survey of Safeware’s historic claims data highlighted the severity of liquid damage from events such as rain. Liquid damage to consumer electronics can lead to short-circuits and corrosion of the device. In most cases, devices will need to be repaired or replaced, an expensive proposition costing over $700 on average.

One Safeware customer in Winona, Minnesota was walking around campus on one of the first warm spring days with his laptop in his bag. He was halfway across campus when it began to downpour. He rushed to the nearest building, but by the time he reached safety his bookbag was already completely soaked. After returning home and letting his laptop dry out, it would not successfully turn on.

While these types of accidents are unexpected, they certainly aren’t uncommon. Another customer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina was up late studying for exams one spring evening when she finally decided to go to bed. After shutting her laptop off and quickly falling asleep, a heavy rainstorm ensued overnight and rain leaked in through the window. When the customer woke up in the morning, her laptop was sitting in a puddle of rain on her desk and it was inoperable.

A third customer in Wilmington, North Carolina had experienced a week with nothing but torrential rainstorms. When the weekend rolled around, his dog couldn’t wait to go on a walk. After a quick lap around the block, the dog ran back inside soaking wet and began to shake dry in close proximity to the customer’s open laptop. As a result, his laptop became soaked and would not power on.

“With almost twenty percent of claims received from college students coming from liquid damage, it is no surprise that rainy spring weather contributes to so many electronic mishaps,” says Safeware’s Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Schutjer. “Fortunately, our protection plans are created with these incidents in mind and we are proud to offer comprehensive coverage for students. College is already a stressful time of life, so we strive to give students piece of mind concerning their technology.”

Safeware consistently looks at common types of claims to be able to offer the most comprehensive protection against unforeseeable incidents such as the ones mentioned above. The spring months should not have to be characterized by weather damage to consumers' favorite devices. By choosing to protect their technology this season, consumers can be worry-free while enjoying warmer weather and April showers alike.

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Stephanie Wise