Alexandria, Va, April 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SynGlyphX® the leading provider of interactive data visualization and discovery technology and John Carroll University's College of Arts and Sciences announced the continuation of the university's use of SynGlyphX software as a part of its computer and data science curriculum. Students use SynGlyphX to explore and compare the efficiencies and effectiveness of both multi-dimensional glyph-based visualizations and more traditional two-dimensional data visual analysis.

Since 2016, John Carroll University has used SynGlyphX's software in its computer science program to explore and understand the benefits of data visualization. Dr. Daniel W. Palmer, of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at John Carroll, introduces SynGlyphX as a tool for both the discovery of critical insights in data and for communicating discoveries to an audience.

"We became familiar with SynGlyphX software 3 years ago while working to visualize and better understand Swarm Intelligence data," said Dr. Palmer. "Soon after, we began using SynGlyphX software in our classrooms. The software provides unique insight into data and helps our students learn principles of data analysis, and data visualization. Students gain a unique, and deep understanding of the exceedingly complex data with which they work. The classroom experiences, for most, have enabled notable shifts in an understanding of what is possible when data is analyzed in a more natural and comprehensive presentation."

Since 2016, John Carroll computer science students have used both standard data analysis tools alongside SynGlyphX to analyze and explore complex data. Students provide a comparison of data analysis results using a variety of tools and participate in tests that measure the speed at which students find answers in their data.

"We initially see our students excited to visualize and interact with data sets in ways beyond using more traditional table and two-dimensional visualizations," said Palmer.  "Very quickly, we find our students want to use SynGlyphX to design their own visualizations to engage with the data faster, and in ways that they have not be able to before.”

Palmer uses SynGlyphX as the focus of his upper-level course, Data Visualization, in John Carroll’s new Data Science major – CS 380-51 / DATA 340-51.

SynGlyphX‘s interactive data visualization and discovery technology helps users to make sense of the volumes of data generated every day. The proliferation of data, enabled by new sensors, increased storage capacity, and other technological developments, is actually inhibiting our ability to make timely, informed decisions. SynGlyphX interactive data visualization and discovery software addresses this challenge by making it easier to see patterns, trends, and anomalies in complex data.

"SynGlyphX is excited about our ongoing relationship with John Carroll University," said Mark E. Sloan, CEO, SynGlyphX. "Students, with a range of experiences in data analysis, and data analysis tools, continue to show us how visualizations expedite and improve a person's ability to benefit from data. We feel honored to be integrated into their curriculum."

GlyphEd™, a SynGlyphX Inside partner company, also offers low-cost curriculum solutions to academic institutions looking to explore advanced data visualization methods in the classroom. A growing coalition of schools is utilizing the software under GlyphEd’s banner to help drive change for Enrollment Management, Institutional Research, and to bridge the ever-widening gap in data science education.

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