CHICAGO, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Incentivefox and ddk Genius Group are excited to announce a partnership that will mesh the best of two worlds. Incentivefox boasts a revolutionary relationship and retention platform where dealerships can easily collect referrals, re-engage customers and reward them for taking action. ddk Genius Group creates customer models based on proven scientific methods in which consumers subconsciously make buying decisions. Together they are releasing the first Decision Science solution for the Automotive Industry.

According to Econsultancy, for every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. In today’s ever-changing digital environment, we have become so focused on collecting leads en masse that we have failed to create quality relationships that become loyal customers.

“Cookie cutter responses and templated 'scripts' have dominated sales training and preparation,” says Luke Heffron, ddk Genius Group President. “We now have a proven method of research that can better understand our customer’s motivations and preferences before we open our mouth to communicate with them.”

The customer takes a simple five question survey that is endorsed by years of psychology based research and applied scientific techniques that will guide your sales team to successful interactions with each customer, thereby creating more closing opportunities. Backed by the science, and the man (Dr. Howard Moskowitz) that transformed the spaghetti sauce industry through horizontal segmentation, research has found that the emotional part of our brain makes choices much quicker than the rational part. When a business embraces this subconscious focused methodology, their rate of success can be significantly improved and customers tend to show loyalty to their brand.

According to Mark Tepper, CEO of Incentivefox, “It’s incredible to discover how accurate the survey really is and once a dealership has this tool in place, they now have the ability to remarket to their customers using specific type-focused messaging instead of generic, mass messaging across the board, which could turn off a customer before they even have a chance to meet with them.”

This automated process works entirely behind the scenes. The customer is offered an incentive to help the dealership improve their customer interactions. Once the survey is completed, a sales representative is sent a list of topics to avoid, along with positive conversation starters and best practices to help put the customer at ease and ensure your sales team delivers the best buying experience.

About Incentivefox: Incentivefox partners with dealerships across the country to assist in the acquisition of higher-quality customers, employees, service patrons and new revenue streams through our easy-to-use relationship and retention platform. The platform, combined with dedicated client success managers, create partnerships that elevate their incentive programs with tracking and proven ROI, while simultaneously growing their customer base and building stronger relationships throughout the life of the program.

About ddk Genius Group: ddk Genius Group creates proven experiential segmentation models that guide sales associates in creating the optimal experience tailored to each client. Typically, clients make gut purchase decisions quickly and justify their decisions with facts later. By utilizing one of our custom genius models and our 60 second Customer Connect Questionnaire(CCQ), the most resonate messaging (both positive and negative) is employed during conversation and other interactions.

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