Canada’s first curated archive of historic job vacancies gives Canadians access to information from over 1.6 million recent online job postings.

COQUITLAM, British Columbia, April 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vicinity Jobs – a leading Canadian Labour Market Big Data analytics firm – announced today the launch of Worxica ( – Canada’s first free, publicly available curated archive of historic job vacancies.

Worxica is a labour market information research tool built for use by Canadian job seekers, students, and employers. After entering a job title and location, they can see a summary showing the number of applicable local job ads advertised over the past year, who has been hiring, the typical annual wages offered, skills and certifications required, and more. Users can then click on any reported metric to dive into the job postings it was retrieved from.

Worxica was built to help Canadians make informed decisions when planning and executing their next career move. “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology advances are already revolutionizing the way employers hire workers and monitor productivity. Isn’t it time for job seekers to reap some benefits too?” asks Strac Ivanov, president and CEO of Vicinity Jobs. “For over a decade, we have been collecting information from online job postings for Canadian government economists, universities, and labour market researchers. Through Worxica, we are putting much of this information in the hands of Canadians looking for work.”

The service is welcomed by Canadian workforce and economic developers. Many already use information provided by Vicinity Jobs. Trudy Parsons, a Canadian workforce development expert, is excited to see job market participants get access to this important information. Trudy, executive Vice-President at MDB Insight, a leading Canadian Economic Development consultancy, says that she and her team regularly use Vicinity Jobs data to offer validated intelligence on local labour demand, an element that has often been missing from past conversations. “Local labour market information has long been a missing piece of the puzzle; this new tool gives job seekers and other users real information that can help inform decisions on careers, employment, and even education pathways. We are excited with the granularity and ease of use of Worxica.”

Currently, Worxica provides access to job postings found over the past year in all Canadian communities outside of Quebec. The archive is updated monthly. “This is only the beginning,” says Strac. “More information tools for job seekers are coming very soon.”

For more information, please contact:
Strac Ivanov
1 (800) 818 0213, ext 22

Vicinity Jobs Inc is a Canadian big data analytics technology company, leader in the real-time tracking of regional labour market trends. The company’s labour market information products have been used widely by provincial ministries, municipal Economic Development departments, workforce planning boards, and educational institutions across Canada since 2007.