CALGARY, Alberta, April 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Husky Energy Inc. (TSX:HSE) announced at its Annual Meeting of Shareholders, held on April 26, 2018, the election of 16 nominees proposed for its Board of Directors and the appointment of the Corporation’s auditors as listed in the Management Information Circular dated March 21, 2018.

Following a resolution by ballot, KPMG LLP was appointed as auditors of the Corporation until the 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

 Votes ForVotes Withheld
NomineeNumberPercent (%)NumberPercent (%)
Victor T.K Li861,451,34194.4450,759,6425.56
Canning K.N. Fok847,220,16992.8864,990,8147.12
William Shurniak897,003,93498.3315,207,0491.67
Robert J. Peabody903,357,96299.038,853,0210.97
Stephen E. Bradley906,896,85499.425,314,1290.58
Asim Ghosh899,143,16298.5713,067,8211.43
Martin J.G. Glynn889,019,10697.4623,191,8772.54
Poh Chan Koh897,803,59598.4214,407,3881.58
Eva L. Kwok892,572,64497.8519,638,3392.15
Stanley T.L. Kwok897,978,06998.4414,232,9141.56
Frederick S.H. Ma907,962,48399.534,248,5000.47
George C. Magnus904,930,39499.207,280,5890.80
Neil D. McGee898,936,68398.5413,274,3001.46
Colin S. Russel899,063,60898.5613,147,3751.44
Wayne E. Shaw897,483,28498.3914,727,6991.61
Frank J. Sixt857,930,24294.0554,280,7415.95

 NumberPercent (%)NumberPercent (%)
Appointment of
KPMG LLP as auditors

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