SAN DIEGO, May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Expensive drugs could be threatening to a city. The Rockford Pile covers the story about an expensive drug that has a large effect on the life of the city. That city is Rockford, Illinois. The city is an industrial area that is outside of Chicago. For many years, the city is paying a great deal of cash that is due to the health insurance of its thousand employees along with its dependents.

The mayor of the city, Larry Morrissey was asked with questions that concern the price of the drug in the city. He said that, at the moment, the city is bleeding or losing money due to the expenses caused by the high price of medicines. Without considering that, the city hired firefighters and policemen thus opening them to more liabilities related to health and medication.

Back in 2015, there were two babies from the employees of Rockford that were treated with a drug that is called Acthar. The drug is from the 1550’s and is for the primary treatment of infantile spasms. The city spends $500 for the drug. Since then, the city has to spend thousands of dollars on the health insurance and other drug expenses that it has.

According to recent reports, the situation is under close observation to ensure that there wouldn’t be a high price on drugs in the city. In doing so, the employees and the dependents would find it easier in acquiring the right medicine for their health. The situation takes effort, but it would find the right solutions in no time. There is a chance that the price of the drugs is going to be less expensive in the following months and years.

The officials of the city are making the right steps to solve the problem further.

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