KENNETT SQUARE, PA , May 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Good Gaming, Inc. (OTC PINK: GMER) (the “Company”) CEO David B. Dorwart is pleased to provide his latest monthly corporate update for the month of April 2018 through the issuance of this letter to shareholders.

We continued to be pleased with the progress we are making at Good Gaming. While we have yet to see substantial revenue growth to date, we are extremely confident that many of our current projects will start to show traction in the form of results in the very near future.

April was a very challenging month for our Minecraft division. Player counts were down across all Minecraft servers worldwide including ours. April tends to be a challenging month since our primary market is focused around school causing player counts to fluctuate wildly during the month. This was also compounded by the recent attention garnished by Fortnite with their huge live stream tournament that temporarily captured the attention and gameplay of many Minecraft players. Additionally, we were intensely focused on the integration of our Minecade servers. As a result, revenue was down 27% with player counts down during the month. While we are currently down from our peak, it is important to note that most major Minecraft servers have experienced similar declines and we expect to recover sharply over the summer months as the end of school nears and the Fortnite hype is neutralized.

We expect the next several months to be an exciting time for Good Gaming. The explosive growth of the Battle Royale genre has prompted us to develop our own Minecraft take on it, and we feel that the Minecraft community will absolutely love the game mode and tournament atmosphere we have created. To kickstart our summer campaign, we will hold our first Good Gaming Battle Royale tournament this month, over the Memorial Day weekend. This Minecraft Battle Royale Mod was exclusively created for our Good Gaming server, and we are confident this unique tournament will bring new players from across the globe, which will increase player counts and enrich our community. We encourage everyone to take a look at the mods we have developed and join in on the fun that can only be found on the Good Gaming server network.

Tournaments and Leagues

Recently, the National Federation of State High School Associations formally endorsed esports. This shows that we have been right on track with the development of competitive leagues and clubs at the high school level.  While the current endorsement is for online play, we believe that there will be substantial opportunities for in-person competitions comparative to current high school sporting events. We are now working with several high schools to offer a far more social system of esports that can offer students an opportunity for competitive game play and potential collegiate scholarships.

Video LAN Centers

We continue to do comprehensive due diligence in order to take advantage of potential opportunities offered in this space. While we are confident that this space offers the ability to scale, we have also seen changes in technology and in the social space, making it a challenge to devise a long-term business model that will be successful. In the near future we plan to announce our strategy on how we plan to enter this space and are confident that our patience will pay off over the long-term.

Cryptocurrency Mining Update

We continue to actively mine Bitcoin cryptocurrency and will continue to make this a part of our overall strategy going forward. We see ample opportunities in cross marketing our mining operations by integrating a rewards program for our Good Gaming members and tournament players. More great news to follow in this sector.  

Lastly, we are happy to announce the creation of an ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) for the talented people that contribute to the building of Good Gaming. It takes an army to build a mountain, and we have many people who have worked with us in various capacities of operations, development and marketing, who we would like to incentivize and reward with Good Gaming stock. As such, we have recently increased our authorized shares to 200 million. While we may never actually issue all authorized shares, this will allow us the flexibility to take advantage of acquiring additional revenue producing assets, business opportunities and reward those that contribute to the success of Good Gaming Inc.

In conclusion, we feel we are at the cusp of executing on several opportunities that we have been working hard to develop.  We are also excited to kick off our summer campaign with a new exclusive Minecraft tournament over the Memorial Day weekend. The next several weeks should be an exciting time for the company and our loyal members. We ask that everyone keep an eye out for more developments as various opportunities avail themselves over the next several weeks.

Until next month, game away!

David B. Dorwart

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Good Gaming is a leading competitive gaming and social network platform targeting over 250 million esports players and participants worldwide who want to communicate with each other, develop strategies, and compete at novice, competitive and professional levels.  Good Gaming has taken a strategic multifaceted approach in the esports industry with products and services ranging from multiple minecraft servers, a proprietary tournament platform, high school esports leagues and soon to come virtual reality centers. The esport industry continues to experience exponential growth going from $500 million to $1.2 billion over the last two years while industry analysts forecast a $5 billion global industry by 2020. Good Gaming seeks to create and exploit opportunities as the industry allows.

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