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Lacroix SA: Half-Year revenue - Financial Year 2017/2018

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Half-Year Revenue
Financial Year 2017-2018
(Released 05/14/18 after trading hours)

Confirmation of growth prospects for the year

The Group recorded a growth of +5.8 % for the second quarter, and posted a growth of +7.8%  for the first half year.
This increase enables the Group to confirm its growth targets both in terms of revenue and results.

(in million Euros) Financial Year 17/18 Financial Year 16/17 Change
FY / FY-1
LACROIX Electronics  167.1   154.9 + 7.9 %
LACROIX Sofrel   21.2   19.8 + 7.4 %
LACROIX City  49.4   46.0 + 7.4 %
Total LACROIX 237.8 220.7  + 7.8 %

Highlights are as follows:

  • LACROIX Electronics confirms its dynamic growth. Over the first half-year, although growth is still driven by a positive evolution in Poland, all industrial sites also confirm a favorable trend. 
  • LACROIX Sofrel confirms its growth. Driven by exports and a good performance of the Water market in France, this business area posted  a significant growth of +7.4% for the first half of the year. 
  • LACROIX City accelerates. Following a first quarter up 1.7%, the second quarter, mainly driven by the Traffic operations, recorded a clear acceleration with an increase of +7.4 % during the first half year.


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Upcoming press release:      Half-year results for 2017/2018 on June 26th 2018 after trading hours.

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