VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alavida Health, a science and technology-based treatment program for alcohol addiction, announced today that they have been selected to participate in the prestigious 48 Hours in the Valley program organized by C100.

From June 18th to 20th, the Vancouver-based company will join 21 other promising Canadian companies in Silicon Valley for 48 hours of mentorship, networking opportunities, investor meetings, and unparalleled access to C100's extensive network in the tech industry. 

Alavida's treatment combines non-addictive medication, behavioural therapy, and technology to help people decrease or stop their consumption of alcohol. Touted as an alternative to more traditional approaches to treatment, the revolutionary program has treated hundreds of people struggling with alcohol since 2016 and currently boasts a 75% success rate. Upon completion of the program, 91% of clients have reduced their drinking, with 75% reducing their alcohol consumption by more than 50%.

“We feel honored to be recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing and most promising tech companies, alongside other rising stars,” says Elliot Stone, CEO of Alavida.

Since launching in Vancouver in 2016, Alavida has expanded throughout North America to include clients in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and most recently California. In addition to expanding geographically, Alavida also has grown its offering to serve progressive organizations looking to improve the safety and health of their employees.

“It’s exciting to have the chance to connect with this specific group of highly talented and well connected people. We look forward to taking advantage of this time to benchmark and exchange experiences as we continue to grow and deliver on our mission to provide access to affordable, scientifically tested treatment options for alcohol use disorder.”

About Alavida Health

Alavida is a science-based e-health company that combines non-addictive medication, behavioural therapy and technology to help people decrease or stop their consumption of alcohol. Alavida clients work with their doctor and therapist for typically four to six months and can access their doctors in person or virtually, making the access barrier-free. Available in North America since 2016, Alavida currently has offices in Canada and the USA. The treatment model has a success rate of over 75%, in line with a clinical study and 20 years of ongoing practice conducted in Finland. More information about Alavida and how treatment works can be found at

About C100
C100 is a non-profit, member driven organization built by successful Canadian investors, entrepreneurs, and executives who live in or are connected to Silicon Valley. These individuals offer Canadian founders access to the venture capital, mentorship and knowledge necessary for growth at a global scale.



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