BOULDER, Colo., May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JNBridge, the leading provider of interoperability tools to connect Java and .NET frameworks, today announced the release of JNBridgePro 9.0. This latest version offers multiple proxy DLLs to enable a more natural development style and to support big projects with many different subprojects. Support for Java 10 rounds out the new version.

With this release, JNBridge stays true to a long-standing commitment to serve its customers with updates that address specific pain points. Multiple proxy DLLs, for example, make JNBridgePro proxy generation better reflect the way that many customers develop their code. With this new capability, customers can now separate proxy generation into multiple projects and use all the projects in their development, rather than have to combine all the proxy generation into a single project.

JNBridgePro 9.0 also supports the new Java 10, which was announced in March. By supporting Java 10, JNBridge continues its commitment to users as the underlying platforms evolve.

“JNBridge has always worked hard to stay in lockstep with our customers’ needs and requests. As part of that, we also ensure our products reflect updates to the underlying .NET and Java platforms,” said Wayne Citrin, CTO, JNBridge. “JNBridgePro 9.0 — with its multiple proxy DLLs and support for Java 10 — exemplifies this point and helps make developers’ jobs exponentially easier.”

JNBridgePro connects anything Java together with anything .NET — providing full access to the entire API from the other side, whether or not it is service-enabled. It exposes any Java and .NET binary, enabling code reuse without touching the original source code. JNBridgePro is architecture-agnostic: It easily scales from in-process to cross-network, on-premises or in the cloud.

JNBridgePro 9.0 is now available. For more information or to download a free trial, please visit

About JNBridge
JNBridge makes seamless and cost-effective Java and .NET interoperability a reality. The company's award-winning bridging technology, JNBridgePro, and the JMS Adapters for .NET and BizTalk, enable cross-platform communication on premises or in the cloud so businesses can focus on innovation, not on solving interoperability issues. More than 600 organizations around the world rely on JNBridge, making it the most popular bridging solution in the industry. To learn more, please follow us on Twitter at @jnbridge or visit

Alissa Vasilevskis
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